What Do Dreams About Tornadoes Mean?

Dream of watching a tornado from afar

It can mean that a new challenge is coming up in your life or soon you will be seeing a new relationship emerge.

Dream of being caught up in the middle of a tornado

It is interpret that someone might be controlling you, and you do not have any control over your own life.

Dream of trying to escape from a tornado

If you have been dreaming that you are trying to escape from a tornado, it is indicative of a desire in waking life to escape from any conflicts.

Dream of tornado warnings

You are prepared for whatever big change life is about to throw at you, maybe even more prepared than you think you are.

Dream of lightning and thunder accompanied by a tornado

It is possible that such a dream may be indicative of an outside force that is heading towards you.

Dream of different colored tornadoes

A blue or white tornado can mean that someone close to you is about to offer you some helpful advice.

Dream of a tornado funnel

It can mean that you are about to face some heavy destruction in the future, but it also implies that you have the power to stop this destruction.

Dream of strong winds in a tornado

Dream of strong winds accompanied by tornadoes often mean that there are invisible forces at play here.

Dream about tornadoes with heavy storms

Tornadoes dreams symbolize destruction and mishappenings. If you add heavy storms to it, then it means sadness that leads to tears and crying.