Spiritual Meaning of Cats in Dreams

You long for independence

A dream of a cat symbolizes that you crave freedom in your waking life. You feel burdened by your current life situations, responsibilities, or the people around you.

You’re blessed with great luck

Though the mighty and proud animal usually doesn’t care to look back twice, it acts quite differently when you treat it well which makes you feel lucky.

It’s symbolic of your feminine power

Another spiritual dream interpretation of seeing a cat in dreams reflects the embedded power in your personality which you must soon show to the world.

It signifies illusions

Cats are an exception as they dislike clingy owners, yet a lot of people find them unique and love them for their prideful nature.

It signifies joy and celebrations

Your dream might depict that you’ll soon enter a glorious phase of your life. Others will recognize your efforts, acknowledge you, and you’ll be rewarded for everything.

It represents demonic premonition

Try to be alert whether anybody wants to harm you. This alone might not be enough hints to understand who your ill-wisher is, so try to notice other details in your dream.

It symbolizes thieves and cheats

Cats are a symbolism of thieves and cheaters. So, your dream might imply you might get targeted by scammers in real life.

The spiritual powers protect you

Proceed in your path without fear as you’ll be protected throughout the journey. You’re also spiritually enlightened which prevents you from taking the wrong paths in life.

Spiritual Meaning of Cats in Dreams may be your desire for independence, great luck, illusions, or even be symbolic of your feminine power.