What are Vivid Dreams?

Vivid dreams are intense visions that are detailed; having clear narratives and are easily remembered and recalled. The dream feels incredibly real and authentic as if things were just happening in waking life.

What are the Features of Vivid Dreams?

They feature intense emotions.

They are often ambiguous and bizarre.

They are easier to remember and can be easily recalled.

They happen more often if you are stressed out.

What Causes Vivid Dreams?

Stress or anxiety


Prolonged sleep deprivation 

Psychiatric  illnesses

Side Effects of Vivid Dreams

Feeling sleepy during the day

Mood swings

Avoiding or resisting sleep

Overthinking and rumination

How To Stop Vivid Dreams?

Manage stress and anxiety

Everyday stress triggers vivid dreams & reduces sleep quality. Thus, leading to long dreams that feel like a real-life experience.

Stay physically fit and healthy

Eat healthily and follow a regular sleep schedule to keep away those crazy dreams.

Never dwell on your dreams

You can control your vivid dreams simply by accepting the way they are.

Talk to an expert

If your dreams are causing a lot of distress, consult a trained therapist or a sleep expert.

Examples of Vivid Dreams

Dream of being naked

Dream of being chased

Dreams of being pregnant

Dream of teeth falling out

Dreams about a plane crash

The content of vivid dreams is to be analyzed in detail to relate it with the events of our waking life. Till then, you can just enjoy the experience of dreaming and accept the fact that it was just a mysterious night vision and nothing else.