What Do Dreams of Cow Signify?

Dreaming of milking a cow

You will be healthy and enjoy a peaceful family life.

Dreaming of a cow carcass 

It brings your attention to what has been neglected for a long time.

White cow in dream

You will soon set out on a long journey to a place far away or a foreign land. 

Cow running in dream

You must strike a balance between hard work and enjoyment.

Dreaming of a herd of cows

Your family and friends will be very supportive and always stand by your side during difficult times.

Dream of feeding a cow

It encourages you to plan for the windfall that comes with change.

Cows fighting in dream 

You are overindulging in life’s pleasures.  

Dreaming of a fat or pregnant cow

You will soon have children and your family life is going to be very satisfying.

Black cow in dream

It denotes uncertainty and powerlessness in your current actions.

Cow in a dream symbolizes abundance, fertility, motherhood, femininity, aggression, lack of confrontation and so forth. The meaning changes with the way it is represented.