What Do The Dreams of Balloons Mean?

Dream about Blowing Up A Balloon

It means you have hope that you didn't have previously.

Dream about Balloons Flying Away

You might be overly optimistic about certain elements of your life.

Dream about Big Balloon

It is a sign of joy, serenity, prosperity or domestic bliss.

Dream about Helium Balloons

It indicates that you are pleased with your current situation.

Dream about Inflating Balloon

It signifies supporting your aims, ambitions, and desires.

Dream about Playing with Balloons

It is a subtle hint that you need to reconnect with your inner child.

Dream about Water Balloons

You are letting out your frustrations but keeping a close eye on the rage.

Balloons dream meaning changes greatly depending on how you may have them, their hue, and so on.  They may have a positive or negative connotation, and they can reveal a lot about your waking life.