What Does A Portrait Dream Mean?

Portrait Dream Meaning – General Interpretations

A portrait dream symbolizes danger, intense struggle, pride, and one’s expectations from life.

Dream of seeing one’s own portrait

The dream is a reflection of yourself. It can reflect two things. One: who you are in reality. Two: how you want others to perceive you.

Dream of seeing your portrait filled with pride

Dream of your portrait filled with pride portrays a situation where you will make yourself proud in reality.

Dream of seeing your portrait being calm

This is a safe dream. You may expect a smooth time with your family, with no unexpected surprises.

Dream of seeing your portrait with disappointment

If your portrait in the dream was filled with disappointment, it indicates that you don’t trust your own decisive skills.

Dream of examining a personal portrait meticulously

If you see yourself examining your portrait meticulously, you might be too busy examining your own thoughts and decisions.