What Does Birthday Dream Mean?

Dreaming of celebrating your birthday by lighting bright candles

The brightly lit candles signify the happy, harmonious and bright life ahead of you.

Dreaming of celebrating a birthday and feeling very happy about it

Good times ahead for you and your family. Harmony and happiness await you.

Dreaming that you had a horrid birthday

The negative feelings involved in the scenario symbolizes the guilt and shame you feel for some of your disgraceful acts.

Dreaming of your mother’s birthday

The dream foretells your mother’s long life. And according to the dream, you care for her more than you think.

Celebrating your birthday alone in a dream

Because of your earlier mistakes, you’ll lead an impoverished life.

Birthday Dreams- General Interpretations

Dreams about birthdays are rare. But if you dream of one, expect your health and overall life situations to turn around for the better.

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