What Does Dream About A Skunk Signify?

Dream of a tiny skunk

You lack the skills required to complete a desired task.

Dream about a dead skunk 

You are no longer able to maintain a balance in your life.  

Dream about baby skunk

Someone in your life has traits that are comparable to those of your brother.

Dream about black and white skunk

You’re going through an identity crisis or have lost something in your life.

Dream about a skunk running

The dream suggests problems with reliance and hopelessness.

Dream about black skunk

Your repressed rage is about to blow up.

Dream of skunk fur

You’re attempting to conform to someone else’s ideal of who you should be.

Dream about a skunk symbolizes your rapid decision-making skills. You are displaying poor judgment. Your opinions can be turning folks off. The dream represents giving up on your mission. You are no longer required to hide behind a mask.