What Does Dream of A Shadow Mean?

Dream of a Shadow – General Interpretations

Dreaming of a shadow can signify your strained relationship with parents, your need for being compassionate, avoiding difficult situations, and feeling unheard of or distrusting a person or situation.

Dream about scary shadows

If you see scary shadows, this dream signifies that you harbor a lot of insecurities.

Dream about shadows and being unable to move

Seeing shadows in dreams and being unable to move indicates that you feel depressed.

Dream of being attacked by a shadow

Being attacked by a shadow in your dreams foretells a condition that you fear while walking. But you must gather the courage to fight against these negative feelings.

Dream of a shadow man

A dark figure or shadow man in your dream suggests positive things. You get protection and good health from your spiritual self.

Dream of a black shadow

Dreaming of black shadows represents major conflict within yourself.

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