What Does Dream of a Bride Means?

Dream of yourself in the dress of the bride

Your mind is calm and composed.

Dream of a bride in a white dress

It is a clue for comfort and safety. 

Dream of a crying bride

It denotes the end of your current journey.

Dream of a bride in a black dress

You should keep an open mind.

Dream of a runaway bride

You have set high standards for yourself and have a serious commitment issue.

Dream of being a happy bride

You feel shy to express yourself.

Dream of a bride in a red dress

It represents your empathic side.

Dream of kissing a bride

You have to let go of your old self and make a fresh start.

Dream about a pregnant bride

It is a symbol of joy and happiness.

Dream of a ghost bride

You have a great vision but you are not using it correctly.

Dream of a bride may imply that you are running away from your responsibilities or it may also mean that you’re ready to commit to a big change in your life.