What Does Dream of Doppelganger Mean?

The dream of a doppelganger may imply that you’re trying to hide your fears or that you’re ignoring your skills. It asks you to introspect and work on yourself.

Dreaming of your child’s doppelganger

The dream reflects your worries regarding your work life. Don’t stress so much.

Dreaming that your doppelganger is attacking you

The dream indicates that you need to explore the hidden talents and expertise in yourself.

Dreaming of seeing several doppelgangers

You aren’t sure about the decisions you’ve made.

Dream about killing a Doppelganger

It represents a double personality. You are not what the world sees or assumes you to be.

Dreaming of talking to your doppelganger

If you dream of an instance where you’re talking to your twin, it is not a good sign.