What Does Dream of Mirror Symbolize?

Dream of Looking into the Mirror

You need to embrace the present and enjoy this time.

Dream of Breaking A Mirror

Breaking the mirror accidentally is a sign that you are cursed with bad luck when it comes to your immediate plans.

Dream about Broken Mirror

Your perception of self is an untrue version but it is difficult to get out of this rut.

Dream of Ghost in the Mirror

It is a sign that something from your past will catch up to you and this will haunt you.

Dream of a House Full of Broken Mirrors

It is time to address and confront all your buried or concealed feelings and emotions.

Dream about Cleaning the Mirror

It is a sign that you are strengthening or changing an aspect of your personal characteristics.

Dream about Mirrors – General Meaning and Interpretation

It means that you will have to deal with some changes or it can be a reflection of your negative thoughts.