What Does Dreaming of Raspberries Mean?

Dream of eating raspberries

If you dream that you are the one eating some raspberries, it means that you will argue with your partner about something, most probably about your feelings for each other.

Dream of eating a raspberry cake

Eating a raspberry cake baked by someone else indicates that you will meet someone with whom you had lost touch many years back.

Dream of baking a raspberry cake

If you are baking a raspberry cake in your dreams, it symbolizes the strong bond between you and your family members.

Dream of eating raspberry ice-cream

Eating raspberry ice cream in your dreams is not a good sign because it foretells that you’ll reject someone who truly loved you.

Dream of picking raspberries

If you see that you’re picking raspberries in your dreams, it means that prosperity will come after all the difficulties that you’ve faced.

Dreaming of raspberries can indicate that your love life will soon turn very exciting, or that you will successfully overcome the present difficulties in your work life.