What Does It Mean to Dream about a Boss?

Dreaming about an old boss

It may symbolize that you are thinking more about certain powers that can have an influence on your life.

Dream about boss flirting

It can symbolize you can have a huge crush on your boss and you are not sure how to handle your emotions.

Dreams about sleeping with your boss

It can suggest your uncertainty and desire to have inappropriate relationships.

Dreams of talking to your boss

It can be an indication of something good in your life.

Arguing with your boss dreams

Arguing with your boss in your dreams can symbolize your romantic relationship with someone.

Dreams about fearing your boss

It indicates you are experiencing certain issues with your confidence level and your self-esteem.

Dreams about being the boss

If you are dreaming about being the boss in an office that can indicate your personality pattern and your certain characteristics.

Dream about an affair with boss

Dreaming about having an affair with your boss symbolizes your desire to be in control.

Dreams about your boss can represent your career goals and your performance at your workplace. Your perception and your thoughts about your boss can also reflect through these dreams.