What Does It Mean to Dream about a Cake?

Eating cake in dream

It is a sign that your life is going well and that you have reasons to be happy and grateful.

Dream of making cake

Making, or baking a cake in your dream is also a good sign indicating a good social life.

Dreaming about wedding cake

This cake symbolizes the start of their new married life together, which starts on a sweet, celebratory tone.

Birthday cake in dream

When we get a birthday cake dream, it means that this person cares about us and wants to celebrate our birthday with us.

Half-eaten cake in dream

It indicates wasting something good. It could be a good opportunity we passed on, or a chance at something wonderful that we wasted.

Decorating a cake in dream

It could also indicate that you tend to remember specific details about other people that matter to you.

Dreaming about a cake shop

In your dreams, seeing a cake shop suggests you may be feeling spoilt for choice.

Dream about chocolate cake

Dreaming of chocolate cakes represents the extreme pleasure you may derive out of food, alcohol or good tasting things.

Dreams about cake are a symbol of our love and care for the people in our lives. This dream is associated with the social life and milestone moments of the dreamer. It shows the way we celebrate our happy moments with the people around us.