What Does it Mean to Dream About a Fan?

Dream of a Ceiling Fan

It means that you need to cool yourself down as soon as possible.

Dream of a Wall Fan

You need to be careful with how you control your jealousy.

Dream of a Standing Fan

A standing fan serves as an omen for happiness, victory, and ecstasy.

Dream of a Hand Fan

It hints toward your good character and the ability to lead.

Dream about a Wooden Fan

It hints toward the prolonged stressful situation that you are putting up with in your life.

Dream about a Bladeless Fan

People around you will support and help in carrying out your plans.

Dream about Broken Fan

It denotes that you will experience a deep sense of disappointment.

The dream of a fan tells you to keep control over your emotions even when situations go out of control. It is important that you find out ways to calm yourself down and stay at peace.