What Does It Mean to Dream About Dam?

Dream about a Big Dam

If you notice a big dam in your dream, it points toward vitality, loyalty, and devotion.

Dream about a Concrete Dam

This dream sequence states that you are an individual with character.

Dream about an Empty Dam

If you see a dam without water in your dream, you can experience bad luck for a short period.

Dream of Jumping from the Dam

It signifies that a problem is turning out to be overwhelming for you.

Dream about an Overflowing Dam

It predicts that you will enjoy an increased level of social or professional popularity.

Dream about Building a Dam

It refers to protection and bottling up all your emotions. You have the mental strength and conform to your beliefs.

Dream about a dam refers to your feelings about a negative situation that you have kept under control. You are not letting them lose as you do not want others to feel any kind of stress.