What Does It Mean to Dream about Donuts?

Dream about making donuts

Dreaming of making donuts suggests that you have plenty of room for growth and development in waking life.

Dream about donut shop

If you dream that you’re in a donut shop and not doing anything else there, it suggests that you waste your time idly in reality.

Dream about eating donuts

Dreaming of eating donuts until you’re full symbolizes that you are greedy about food like a glutton.

Dream about half-eaten donut

This dream denotes your encounter with a situation in life that you don’t understand its purpose. You often miss the point in circumstances.

Dreams about chocolate donuts

Dreams about chocolate donuts represent love, celebration, and rewarding yourself. If you hold or eat the treat in dreams, it’s usually a good sign.

Dream of frying donuts

It signifies that you spent excess time on something unfruitful. Dreaming of frying donuts is a symbol of all your efforts going in vain.

Dream of eating donuts with friends

It is a good message from your subconscious mind. It shows that you will soon find yourself in the company of people with similar interests and beliefs.

Dream about donut holes

Dreaming of donut holes is also a good omen. It signifies your religious attempt at filling the gaps or holes in your daily life.

Positively, dreaming of donuts may imply you believe in self-care or will improve your professional life. Negatively, they symbolize your arrogance, don’t know the purpose of something, or feel lost.