What Does It Mean to Dream About Fog?

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Dream of Getting Lost in Fog

The dream of being lost in fog symbolizes your weaknesses such as insecurities, fear, anxieties and stress.

Dream of Driving Through Fog

The dream of driving through fog means that you do not think a lot before making any decision.

Dream of Red Mist

The dream of red mist means that you will be the center of gossip at your college or work.

Dream of Purple Fog

It means that you wish to live a comfortable life without any hustle. You prefer luxury and a life filled with sophisticated means to fulfill your desires.

Dream of a Fog Covered Playground

This dream is a sign that you yourself will sabotage your growth opportunities.

Dream of Green Fog

This dream means that you need to stop worrying about your future and pay attention to your present.

Dream of Fog Hiding the Sun

This dream tells you that you are scared of the uncertainty that the future holds for you.

Dream of Fog Covering a Bridge

This dream implies that you will be having troubles with spirituality. You are in a tough situation.

A dream of fog represents confusion, fear and anxiety, chaos, restlessness, uncertainty, hopelessness, etc. Positively, it shows unexpected help, beauty, rest, calmness, and so on.