What Does It Mean to Dream About Guava?

Dream of guava tree

If you dream of a guava tree, it is the most auspicious dream. Opportunities will come knocking on your door without you expecting it.

Dream of guava nectar or juice

This dream tells you that you will receive wealth from legitimate sources. Your business will see a lot of profit.

Dreaming of yourself holding a guava

If you dream of yourself holding a guava, it is a very positive dream! It represents prosperity at work and at relationships.

Dreaming of lots of guavas

This dream indicates your current carefree and worry-free status.

Dream of red guava

If you dream of a red guava, it means that you are constantly worrying about the efforts that you’re putting in a project.

Dream of rotten guava

Dreaming of a rotten guava means that you will face some kind of loss- be it financial or romantic.

Dream of green guava

If you dream of a green guava, it means that you are not taking good care of your health.

Dream of guava is generally a positive dream which indicates success in personal and professional life and new beginnings. It is also a warning to lead a healthier life and take care of your health in anxious times.