What Does it Mean to Dream About Otters?

Dreaming of otters suggests that you should discard your memories and move on with life. It says that you do not realize the potential you carry within yourself.

Dream of Seeing an Otter

It represents you have the confidence and feel empowered.

Dream of Seeing Two Otters

It indicates that you can win under all circumstances.

Dream about a Dead Otter

It refers to your ambitions and the way you look at life.

Dream about a Wet and Disheveled Otter

This states that you will face some kind of scandal either at work or at home.

Dream of an Otter Swimming in the Water

It predicts that you will have a happy and peaceful situation in your family.

Dream about an Agitated Otter

The scenario reminds you about your need to focus on things that will make you happy.