What Does It Mean to Dream about Papaya?

Scribbled Underline

Dream of a single fresh papaya

It foretells that you will receive good news soon, probably something related to your work life.

Dream of eating a delicious papaya

Dreaming of eating papaya that tastes heavenly indicates that you will overcome all major health problems.

Dream of seeing papaya trees

Dreaming of papaya trees shows that you have the capability to find a solution to every problem.

Dream of green papaya

Dreaming of green papaya fruits symbolizes maturity or the process of becoming mature.

Dream of drinking papaya juice

It symbolizes that you want to replenish your strength to fight the problems. 

Dream of papaya seeds

Papaya seeds appearing in your dreams indicate fertility and new life.

Dream of harvesting papaya

It symbolizes that your problems will end soon.

Dreaming of papaya indicates that you need to protect your wealth and interests, or that you often try to hide your weaknesses in front of others.