What Does It Mean to Dream About Ponds?

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Dream about Dry Pond

A dream about a dry pond represents your inability to acknowledge some internal issue.

Dream about Big Pond

Dreaming about a large pond represents your personal duties and independence. Allow others to get to know you by opening yourself up to them.

Dream about Deep Pond

Dreaming about a deep pond is a sign of your influence on your environment. You must draw inspiration from other people.

Dream about Clear Pond

The dream of a clear pond represents your spiritual connection. You must tackle your previous memories and problems.

Dream about Water Pond

A dream concerning a water pond foreshadows your chosen path. You must assume a greater leadership position.

Dream about Muddy Pond

A muddy pond dream represents anything that is lacking or missing in your life. You prefer not to focus on your feelings.

Dream about Lotus Pond

Dreaming about a lotus pond signifies the emotional challenges you face in life. Perhaps you’re acting in an unusual way.

Dream about Frozen Pond

A dream about a frozen pond conveys cunning and horror. It denotes a part of yourself that you feel embarrassed about.

Dream about a pond represents a longing for a simpler life. Counterproductive activities are diverting your attention. You must begin to see things from a different perspective. This is proof of a newly formed relationship or concept in your life.