What Does It Mean to Dream about Tea?

Tea being offered in a dream represents wholeness and world awareness. Someone is sucking up to you.

Dream about Offering Tea

Tea preparation in a dream represents the need for change and your desire to adapt into a new circumstance or career.

Dream about Preparing Tea

Dreaming about hot tea is a sign that you want to be free of some kind of duty or relationship.

Dream about Hot Tea

Tea party dreams can sometimes be a manifestation of your free spirit. You must evaluate various points of view.

Dream about Tea Party

Green tea in your dreams denotes some kind of pain or confusion in your life. You are issuing a warning to someone.

Dream about Green Tea

Tea bags in a dream represent being stuck in a relationship or position.

Dream about Tea Bags

A dream about iced tea is a commitment and a collaboration. You are aware of the feelings you allow to be expressed in you.

Dream about Iced Tea

Tea leaves in your dreams are a symbol for the wisdom you’ve gained through the years.

Dream about Tea Leaves

Tea spilled on the floor in a dream is a symbol for fast movement.

Dream about Spilled Tea On The Floor

Dream about tea is a potentially perilous condition. Things cannot always be taken at face value. You do not have an emotional attachment to anyone. Your dream represents your mental abilities. You must learn from your mistakes.