What Does it Mean to Dream about Toothache?

Dreaming about a toothache indicates that there is a recurring problem in your life that won’t go away, or that you are too full of pride.

Dream about cheek swollen from toothache

It means that someone you know will spread gossip and rumors about you.

Dream about toothache and sore gums

It is an indication that you will enjoy yourself and have fun at a party until the early hours of the morning.

Dream about blood coming out due to toothache

It indicates that you will go to a party and meet your soulmate here.

Dream about crying due to toothache

Something is greatly bothering you and this is causing you inner torment.

Dream about severe toothache

It suggests that you are always terrified of being betrayed.

Dream about toothache due to cavities

It indicates that it’s now time for you to rethink your attitude and change yourself for the better.