What Does It Mean to Dream about Waffles?

Dreaming of eating waffles

Eating waffles is a positive sign symbolizing growth and success.

Baking waffles in a dream

Baking waffles is an ill omen. Your path is full of obstacles and you may not be able to execute your plans at the moment or anytime soon.

Dreaming of strawberry waffles

Strawberry waffles stand for a relationship with a new romantic partner.

A dream of white waffles

Expect unforeseen problems to arise in your workplace or professional life if you see a white waffle.

Dreaming of orange waffles

Orange waffles hint at the need for a change. Consider letting go of habits, relationships, and even people that stagnate you and hinder your life journey.

The plot is symbolic of your passionate relationship with your partner. 

Waffles with chocolate fillings in a dream

Dreaming of brown waffles

Brown waffles tend to show up if you are limiting your potential or holding back some aspects of yourself.

Dreaming of waffles may be your subconscious asking you to be more assertive. While some scenarios portend a reward or a treat coming your way, others could be symbolic of conflict or impending bankruptcy.