What Does It Mean to Dream of a Door?

Dream about big door

It is a sign that you’re remorseful for whatever you’ve done.

Dream about an open door

An open door in your dream represents some unresolved business that is impacting your family.

Dream about Tiny Door

A dream involving a tiny door foreshadows an eventual emotional outburst.

Dream about Attic Door

A dream involving an attic door suggests a primal urge or raw energy.

Dream about Glass Door

A dream about a glass door foreshadows your quest for self-awareness and development.

Dream about Steel Door

A dream involving a steel door foreshadows your search for the truth. Maybe you’re being evasive or mysterious.

Dream about a Secret Door

Dreaming about a secret door is something you should put to rest or retire.

Dream about Church Doors

Dreaming about a church door represents your mission in life.

Door dreams indicate that you need to connect with your inner spirit. You must learn to adapt to a variety of settings and circumstances throughout your life. You must discover and investigate more about yourself.