What Does it Mean When You  Dream About Quarrel?

Quarrel dream meaning is of some financial gain. You feel exhausted or emotionally drained. You may have a disturbing dream and your consciousness is trying to mitigate this effect.

Dream of a quarrel with friends

The dream is a metaphor for the ever-present evil force working against you.

Dream to have a marriage quarrel

The dream means the consequences of your words. You need to reevaluate your support system.

Dream to quarrel with someone of the opposite sex

You have an advantage over others. You have to look at things differently and live life enthusiastically.

Dream that you quarreled with your lover

You feel trapped, closed off and confused in some situations.

Dream to quarrel with your mother

The dream indicates death and rebirth. You feel angry with someone. You have temporary setbacks.

Dream to quarrel with your siblings

Your dream is a sign of good deeds in your life. You value your role and how you are perceived in society.