What Does It Mean When You Dream about Theater?

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Dream about Going to the Theater

If you have a dream that you are going to the theater, your wish will come true.

Dream about Movie Theater

Any circumstance in which you are intensely concerned to make sure that something you desire to experience occurs.

Dream about Performing at the Theater

Theater performances are a sign of dishonesty if you have such dreams.

Dream of an Empty Theater

A theater that is empty in your dream portends that you will be let down.

Dream of the Theater Stage

When you dream of the theater stage, it means you are a realistic person.

Dream about Laughing in the Theater

Dream about laughing in a theater denotes the possibility of embarrassing yourself in front of a huge crowd.

Dream of Crying in the Theater

Dream of crying in a theater denotes that you might soon run across someone you haven’t seen in a while.

Dreaming about theater is a sign of you seeking attention or approval or becoming aware of the masks you wear in your everyday life. This dream is connected to your social life. It represents adventure.