What It Means to Dream about A Sinking Boat?

Dream of watching a sinking boat

You are silently witnessing your emotions going out of control.

Dream about drowning in a sinking boat

It indicates your fears and anxieties about a particular problem.

Dream about boat sinking to the bottom of sea

It represents a sinking feeling in your waking life.

Dream about cruise boat sinking

Right now you will experience happy times with your close ones but there will be some turbulence later.

Dream about old boat sinking

There will be some negative situations coming up in your life. 

Dream about sinking boat engulfed in flames

Your life will be hit by a huge tragedy.

Dream about boat sinking in sand

Your self-esteem is very low.

Dream about being rescued from sinking boat

There will be troubling times ahead for you or your family, but this will soon pass.

Dream about empty boat sinking

Something gloomy will happen, most probably a family member will fall ill. 

Dream about boat sinking with enemies on it

You will triumph over your enemies.

Dreaming of a sinking boat or ship indicates that something is out of control in your life, or that your emotions are becoming too overwhelming. Alternatively, it also means that you have a desire to fight against tough times, or that you have lost something valuable.