What It Means to Dream about Monday?

Dreaming of Monday can mean that you are about to start a new project, or that you are ready to face your problems head-on. Alternatively, it can also mean that there is an annoying presence in your life, something unpredictable will happen to you, or you are stuck doing something you hate.

Dream of going to work on a Monday

You are currently feeling low in your waking life.

Dream of staying home on a Monday

You like to waste time.

Dream about being happy on a Monday

Your work life will be successful & you'll close good deals with your clients.

Dream of sleeping on a Monday

Your life will be consumed by domestic chores.

Dream of being angry on a Monday

You will soon go on a business trip.

Dream of a dull Monday

You are not making an impact on others.

Dream of waiting for Monday

You are going to start a new project or work soon and you are really excited about it.

Dream of taking a Monday off

Your neighbors and acquaintances love you.

Dream of conducting a feast on a Monday

It is a harbinger of someone precious leaving your life soon.