Why Do Wedding Rings Appear in Dreams?

Dream about Big Wedding Ring

It symbolizes cleansing away your emotions and healing from past traumas.

Dream about New Wedding Ring 

It is a warning sign of an unforeseen obstacle between your desires.

Dream about Gold Wedding Ring

It signifies that you have found your partner and wish to marry them.

Dream about Diamond Wedding Ring 

You should still keep striving and take action in order to succeed.

Dream about Broken Wedding Ring

You need to leave the old behind and create a new life.

Dream about Silver Wedding Ring 

It's a sign to acknowledge your emotions and work on them.

Dream about Giving A Wedding Ring 

It indicates that you are not compatible with the person.

Dream about Receiving A Wedding Ring 

It indicates that you will soon find a love interest.

Dream about Removing Wedding Ring 

It is sign that you are recovering from grief after losing a loved one, or losing an opportunity.

Dreaming of wedding rings may not seem important if you just acquired one or if you are about to attend a wedding or are planning to be a part of one.