Did You Dream About Your Son Last Night?

Son Dream General Meaning

Dream of a son is symbolic of luck, your untapped potential, & your preoccupations.

It indicates that you will or possess an abundance of something.

Dream of  Talking to your Son

It denoted a pleasant and loving relationship in your current life or that you will experience one soon.

Dream of Your Baby Boy Smiling

A Dream that Your Son is Happy and Laughing

This dream is symbolic of happiness, contentment, satisfaction, and a pleasant phase in your life.

Dream that Your Boy was Crying and Couldn’t Calm Him

It is a sign that you will face some obstructions and obstacles.

Dreaming that Your Boy is Unhappy

There are some problems you need to confront in your personal life

Dream about Your Young Son Crawling 

It indicates that you exhibit autonomy and are very independent as a person.