Dream of a son is symbolic of luck, your untapped potential, your preoccupations, new beginnings, others’ inferiority complexes, pride, and your relationship with your son.

It can be pleasant to wake up to a dream about your son. However, on an overall note, the dream of a son is a good omen and a good sign. 

Dream of Son - 92 Methods To Analyze It
Dream of Son – Various Methods To Analyze It

General Dream Interpretation of Son

The general meaning of dreaming of a son is usually a good sign while indicating your personal worries and apprehensions related to your son.

Other than this, a dream like this indicates the inferiority complex of others. 

Luck – It is symbolic of luck. In other words, it means that there will be a stroke of luck and good fortune headed your way. 

Your Potential – This dream signifies your potential. Your son is a part of you thereby denoting your potential. 

Anxiety or Worries – You are preoccupied with your worry and your inner thoughts regarding your son. 

New Beginnings – It denotes your new venture or is reflective of your new beginning. 

Other’s Inferiority Complex It is a reflection of their inferiority complex. These people can be someone you know or are concerned about. 

Source of Pride It reflects that he will make you proud in waking life. Every parent aspires for their child to accomplish great things and make them proud. 

Relationship with Your Son It can naturally be a reflection of the relationship you share with him in waking life. This can be good or bad based on the relationship.

Dream of Son – Various Scenarios and Interpretations 

While there are limited general interpretations of dreaming of a son, there are multiple scenarios when considering the specific context.

Therefore, it is important to refer to the context of the dream and interpret your dreaming in line with this context. 

Dream of Seeing or Talking to your Son

This is considered as a good omen or a good sign. It indicates that you will or possess an abundance of something. 

Dream of Your Son Smiling 

It denoted a pleasant and loving relationship in your current life or that you will experience one soon. In addition, this indicates that your prayers will be answered. 

A Dream that Your Son is Crying 

It is a sign that you will have to struggle a little professionally. You will face some obstructions. 

Furthermore, if the boys are crying in your dream, it is a sign that you need to be on alert about the new adventure.

A Dream that Your Son is Happy and Laughing  

A happy son laughing in your dream indicates that you will be presented with new opportunities and you will have a hopeful and pleasant start for your next adventure. 

This dream is also symbolic of happiness, contentment, satisfaction, and a pleasant phase in your life. 

Dream about Seeing Your Young Son Crawling or Walking 

It indicates that you exhibit autonomy and are very independent as a person. You can hold your own, that is your actions and thoughts are your own. 

A dream that Your Boy is Obedient and Attractive

It is a favorable symbol denoting a blessing is in the works. It is an indication that your goals, dreams, and aspirations will come true. 

Dream of You Attending Your Son’s Wedding 

It means that you will be extremely proud of him. You are beaming with pride because of your son in reality. 

Dreaming that He Joins the Military or the Army

It is scary but can evoke pride. However, such a dream is a sign that your time ahead will be good. Furthermore, it means that you will achieve your goals and aspirations. 

Dream of Your Son Sleeping

It is indicative of undisruptive times ahead. Time will slow down for you and you will be finally able to squeeze some rest into your schedule. 

Dream Of Your son Asleep

It is symbolic of some peace and tranquility. It denotes the quiet time you will be able to cash in. 

Your Son is Sick

A dream where your son is sick is symbolic of spiritual difficulties and struggles. It foretells some adversities and hardships. 

Your Son is Sick and in Pain

If you see your son being sick as well as in pain, it is a prediction to expect disappointments and misery. There is going to be a serious catastrophe. 

Your Son is Dead

It indicates that you lost control. The control you held over some aspects of your life is lost. Dreaming that your boy is dead is symbolic of hope. Your son will be able to overcome a challenge without becoming prey to the fallout.  

Burying a Drowning Son

A dream wherein you are burying a son who dies due to drowning signifies that you will be blessed with an abundance of happiness. 

A Funeral of a Deceased Son

This dream is a sign of long, healthy life; one that is not clouded or dominated by diseases.

A Deceased Son Being Alive

A dream where your son is dead whilst being alive in reality is symbolic of hard work. However, this hard work will not reap a lot of rewards and your efforts will not be rewarded. 

Your Son is Being Kidnapped

It specifically indicates that you feel restricted by your child.  

Your Son Missing or Looking for your Missing Son

Both of these scenarios are reflective of you feeling burdened. You are unable to deal with the challenging issues or problems as it is overwhelming you. 

Evil Sons

It can be indicative of an adverse situation or an issue that you are supportive of. You feel that certain aspects of your personality have turned against you, specifically your aggression and assertiveness. 

Beating Your Boy

It means that you will triumph over your enemies. Moreover, this dream indicates that there is an issue that you will have to address and face alone. 

You are Angry With Your Son

It denotes that you will be successful professionally or in your workplace. However, this success will not transpire into any sort of financial prosperity or gain. 

Your Son Waking Up

It is a sign that you will let go of a bad job or occupation. Therefore, you will solve your problems and will leave you open to new opportunities. 

Your Son is Famous

Your son being famous in a dream is reflective of a dispute that will result in a breakup with your business partner.   

Your Son Uses Alcohol and Cigarettes

For a parent, a child indulging in substances without monitoring can be scary. However, this dream signifies that you will have to let go of your old business partner.  

You Murdering Your Son

It means that you possess the potential to destroy and disrupt your own happiness and joy in reality. 

Seeing the deceased in itself is considered to be a sign. It signifies the relatives who passed away early and that you need to pay a visit to the cemetery. 

Your Son Leaving

Such a dream is a bad omen. It is indicative of a grim scenario with your family resulting in cutting ties with some relatives for an interim period. 

Talking About Your Son

It is a sign that you have to deal with damages and losses which can be financial, material, mental, or emotional. 

Your Son’s Girlfriend

It is a reflection of the relationship between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law. In fact, this dream exposes the true state of the relationship between the two people. 

An Estranged Son

It is a sign that you are unconsciously suppressing your desires and wants. You feel vulnerable and emotional. 

In addition, you will face a lot of unexpected sudden changes. You are building an emotional wall and this dream is signifying this. 

Dream of Son Based on Different Activities

Traveling with Your Boy – It suggests that you will have certain expenditures related to an event.

Playing with Your Son – It can be a pleasant dream. A dream such as this is reflective of the lengthy, delightful, and entertaining journey you will have. 

Your Son Kissing You – It means that you will have a profitable business transaction. You will reap the rewards from this deal. 

Eating with Your Son – Firstly, if the food is appetizing it is indicative of a profit or gain. However, if the food in the dream was distasteful or tasteless, it is a sign that you will have a religious gain that is prohibited or forbidden. 

Your Boy Praying, Fasting, or Worshiping – It indicates that you will establish and run a business with someone you know. 

Your Son Sleeping – It suggests that these expectations will not pan out and that you will not meet them. 

Hugging Your Son – It indicates success and blessing for you and those who you love. This growth is attributed to all areas of your life. 

A Conversation With Your Son – It suggests that you wish to change some aspect of your relationship with your son.

Fighting with Your Son – The fights in these dreams are usually because of how frequently your son returns home drunk indicating addiction. Such a definitive dream is a symbol of concern and disappointment.

A word from ThePleasantDream

With an overall note of being a good sign to dream about a son, it can also provide a holistic view into yourself. A dream of a son can be a glaring reflection of your parenting methods or your feelings towards your son. 

However, despite the usual interpretation, such a dream can have a lot of personal implications indicating what is coming your way.