Did You Know?

Spiders Also Dream!

We all sleep and dream, including animals. But a new study by Daniela Rößler, an ecologist from the University of Konstanz, infers that spiders also dream.

She studied during the coronavirus lockdowns of 2020, where she observed that few jumping spiders retired to their "silk retreats" after nightfall.

She then brought baby spiders to her lab to study their night routine.

She observed periodic bouts of retinal movements along with limb twitching and stereotyped leg curling behaviors during their resting time in the night.

They were in the REM stage, considered a deep slumber in which the body rests. Interestingly, dreams often occur at this stage.

This is the first breakthrough where scientists observed REM sleep in animals, especially those without a spine or backbone. 

This study proves that spiders also dream. However, if you are seeing spiders in your dream, then don't forget to explore our article.


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