Are you the one getting dreams about spiders too often? Do you feel trapped in a complex cycle of events leading to uncertainty, fears, and anxieties? Are you trying to escape from something or someone bothering you lately? 

If this creepy crawly insect scares you in your waking life, then dreams of this creature signifies a sense of fear, web of lies and deceit, and manipulation.

Dreams About Spiders - 47 Scenarios & Their Meanings  Spider Dream Meaning
Dreams About Spiders – Various Scenarios & Their Meanings

What Does It Mean When You Dream about Spiders?

Spiders are awe-inspiring insects that can weave elaborate webs and show patience and resilience to stalk its prey. Dreams about spiders can pour in creativity that lies ahead of you.

In many folklore cultures across the world, spiders are associated with uncertainty and unknown happenings. The dreams about spiders highlight the dark corners that remain hidden and unexplored.

It reminds us to change our perspectives in real life situations and heal those negative feelings; to transform those into positive qualities and empower ourselves.

The common dream interpretations of spiders are as follows:

  • Feelings of being trapped, tricked, or snared – Spiders in your night visions signify negative influences that are bothering you and you are trying to get rid of it. 
  • Nurturing creativity – When a spider spins a web, it is a work of art. Thus, when you have dreams about spiders it represents creativity and construction. It may mean some new ideas that you are building, some creative projects that you are looking to work on. 
  • Feminine energy – Since spiders create beautiful cobwebs, they are symbolic of femininity. They represent a creative and nurturing energy that sustains life. It represents the presence of domineering female figures in your life; such as any mother figure, spouse, girl friend 
  • Web of lies and deceit – Dreams about spiders may generally mean lies, cheating, deceit, dishonesty, destruction, and betrayal. 

Fear and anxieties representing your shadow self – It reflects self-doubt, insecurity, inability to handle negative influences in your life. This fear also represents your shadow self.

Spiritual Meaning of Dreams about Spiders

Spiritually, dreams about spiders are symbols of patience, perseverance, hard work and skill. A spider denotes incredible tolerance and forbearance.

It also symbolize free spirit and independent thinking. it’s a message from God to fulfill your independent desires. Dreams about spiders also indicate change and transition in real life for something good.

Biblical Interpretation

The biblical interpretation of spider dreams suggests getting hold of new opportunities with hardwork and effort. As these creepy insects build its masterpiece web; it reminds you to create a realm of great work.

You have the power to fulfill your goals; just be patient, wise, and humble to do things at the right time and in the right balance.

Dream about Spiders – Different Scenarios & Its Interpretations

Let’s explore the most common dream scenarios about spiders  here.

What does it mean when you dream about big spiders?

A big spider, large spider, or a giant spider denotes that something big is looming large on you; that is difficult to ignore. It may be an emotional turmoil that you are experiencing, your feelings about an event that is disturbing. 

Dreaming about killing a spider

If you are scared of spiders in the waking world; this fear may get projected and make you terrified and uneasy in your subconscious state. If you have dreamed of killing a spider around you, it represents bad luck and misfortune.

It means that you are trapped in a web of falsehood and deceit; you have stumbled on a hard rock and there is no way out of the situation. 

Black spiders dream meaning

Dreaming about a huge black spider represents separation, isolation, loneliness, or disapproval. It means emptiness of feelings, numbness, sorrow, and mourning. It implies that negative forces are creating a toxic web of lies around you. 

Spiders everywhere

Spiders represent feminine energy because they are master creators of beautiful webs. If you see spiders hovering everywhere and the spider is attacking you, it means that your encounter with a female figure in your waking life is not going smoothly. 

Red back spider

When you get dreams about red back spiders, it’s time to surrender and give up. You need to give up old habits and old ways of thinking.

New perspectives need to be developed to live life in a better way. You need to surrender old feelings and let go of emotions that are hurtful because denial will bring resentment and anguish. 

Dream of hanging a spider over your head

Spiders hanging in your dream or a creepy insect dangling over you from the ceiling or sideways mean that you are worrying and anxious about something in your waking state.

Being attacked by a spider in dreams

If a spider attacks you in dreams, it could mean that you are under a threatened position. This threat or attack comes from a female figure that is dominating and aggressive. 

Lots of spiders 

This is a sign of enemies or adversities lurking upon you. The dream about a lot of spiders means evil or impending danger. It is symbolic of deceit and confusion going around you. 

Spiders crawling on you

Carl Jung believed that a black spider crawling all over your body or in some parts of the body can signify your shadow self.

It represents the dark side of your personality that remains hidden and you would hardly wish to face it in your conscious existence. 

Spider web dream meaning

When you see spiders weave webs, it shows disturbances in your waking state. A spider web is used to catch prey. Thus, this web in your dream means you are caught in a problem from which exit becomes difficult. 

It means that you are unable to find a solution to the problem. You are entrapped and stuck in a realm of betrayal, distrust, and misfortune. A spider web in a dream represents mixed feelings. 

Spider bites 

A spider bite dream may mean a painful event of the past that is bothering you till now. A past unhealed emotional pain or wound appears in the dreams to remind you of the toxic influences it has in your life. 

The trapped wounds and feelings resurfaced in the dream sequences to make you more fearful and anxious. A spider biting you is symbolic of fear, fraud, and deceit. 

Spider chasing you in dreams

When you see a spider chasing you, it means that you need to grow up and leave your child-like innocence to deal with problems.

You need to become tactful and face situations with maturity and intelligence; otherwise people will take advantage of your innocence. You may fall prey to manipulation, lies, and deception. It tells you to become responsible and careful.

Having nightmares about spiders

If you frequently get nightmares about spiders, it may mean that you are warned of some threatening or sticky situation coming ahead. There is some forthcoming danger that may put you in trouble. It symbolizes power and mystery.

Dream of a poisonous spider

A poisonous spider in dreams is a warning sign for you. It reminds you of the toxic emotions lurking on you. It symbolizes entrapment and betrayal in close relationships that have poisoned your emotional health. 

Big tarantula attacking you

Tarantulas are venomous spiders. It means enemies are around you. A dream of such a spider attacking you means hidden danger, backbiting, attack, abuse, manipulation, and aggression that someone is plotting against you.

Sometimes, this dream also means that feminine forces in your life are trying to control or dominate you.

Dreams about spider eggs

Spider eggs are associated with scary concepts. The eggs are present in the spider’s web. Such a dream of laying eggs usually means roadblocks to success. You are unable to fulfill your wishes and desires in your waking life. 

Recurring dreams about spiders

When you are repeatedly seeing spiders in dreams, it symbolizes unresolved issues, worries, and conflicts of your waking life and it will keep coming back until addressed and undone. 

These dream themes are extremely disturbing for the dreamer because it induces fear and worries. you may feel trapped in problems and unable to come out of it. The dream also represents stagnation and defeat. The problems of waking life are holding you back in realizing your goals.

Dream about flying spiders

Dreaming of flying spiders signifies good mood and success. You are on the rise; lucky enough to accomplish your goals. It is a sign of a successful endeavor that you have achieved after much effort and hard work. 

A flying spider symbol represents growth, progress, and manifestation of your wishes and desires. You will be high in spirit and resourceful enough to weave your destiny.

Dream of a jumping spider

A spider jumping on you in dreams may signify entrapment. You are trapped in a false relationship that is full of lies and deceit.

It represents that somebody is manipulating and plotting against you and making you fall prey to hurts and wounds. You are entrapped and cannot find a way out of it.

Spider spinning a web

If you see a spider is weaving a web, it means that your due reward for your effort and hard work will come to you soon. It means recognition, praise, accolades from others.

Weaving a web means creativity and achievement of goals. It also means peace, harmony, and well being in family life and social relationships.

Different colors of spiders and their dream meanings

  • White spider – A dream about white spider symbolizes positive energy, hope, healing, and transformation.
  • Black spider – It represents mistrust, lack of loyalty, terror, and disappointment.
  • Red spider – A red spider in dreams can mean passion, happiness, loving relationships, and protection.
  • Silver and golden spider – It represents good health, fortune, and more wealth coming your way.
  • Brown spider – They denote physical comfort, material gain, financial profit, wealth you might be facing.

A words from ‘ThePleasantDream’

To end with a positive note, we can say that your personal associations with the spider will give varied dream interpretation. Maybe, the whirlpool of emotional events in waking life is getting manifested in your subconscious mind.

Sigmund Freud believed that studying dream symbolism can easily help us to understand the unconscious mind.

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