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What Does It Mean When You Dream about Spiders?

What Does It Mean When You Dream about Spiders?

Updated on Jan 20, 2023 | Published on Dec 28, 2020

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dreams About Spiders - 47 Scenarios & Their Meanings | Spider Dream Meaning

Are you the one getting dreams about spiders too often? A dreamer’s experiences with this fear-inducing eight-legged insect (spider) play a vital role in the process of dream interpretations. 

Most of the time, spider dreams suggest unpleasant feelings as reported by people who see them; still, everything is not as negative as it appears. Let’s explore the myriad meanings of spider dreams in detail.

Dreams About Spiders - 47 Scenarios & Their Meanings  Spider Dream Meaning
Dreams About Spiders – 47 Scenarios & Their Meanings Spider Dream Meaning

Dreams about Spiders – General Meaning

Spiders are awe-inspiring insects that can weave elaborate webs and show patience and resilience to stalk their prey. Dreams about spiders can pour in creativity that lies ahead of you. At the same time, the spider in a dream represents fear and insecurities that lurk along the way.

In many folklore cultures across the world, spiders are associated with uncertainty and unknown happenings, and as such anything unknown evokes fear and mystery. Spider dream meaning and symbolic significance often represents negative emotions in all of us.

It can be greed, anger, resentment, jealousy, fear, sadness and much more. The dreams about spiders highlight our dark corners that remained hidden and unexplored.

The dreams make us visit those feelings and remind us that it is important to change our perspectives in real-life situations and heal those negative feelings; to transform those into positive qualities and empower ourselves.

47 Scenarios and Meanings of Spider Dreams

Depending on the situation in which you are in the dream, spider dreams can have different types of meanings. For instance, the meaning of a dream in which you are seeing a big spider would be different from a dream in which spider is getting killed.

Following are some of the most common types of spider dreams. Read on to find out what dreaming about different types of spiders means. 

1. What does it mean when you dream about spiders?

Dreams about spiders differ in their meanings for people who see them. You may not be thrilled to visit a creepy insect in waking life or in dreams either. It may be a warning sign of some sticky situation lying ahead.

Usually the dream associations depend on personal connotations that are happening in a person’s life. Your subconscious mind may be alerting you of some manipulation, betray, or deceit that may happen.

The common dream interpretations of spiders are as follows:

Feelings of being trapped, tricked, or snared

Most people feel that spider dreams are not at all pleasant. The eight-legged, four-eyed crawling insect that there are toxic people and forces around you; who are trying to entrap you, mislead, or betray you in some ways. You are feeling threatened and unsafe.

Dreams about spiders signify negative influences that are bothering you and you are trying to get rid of it. Even your bad habits, negative emotions are mediums of entrapment that impacts physical and mental well being.

Nurturing creativity

When a spider spins a web, it is a work of art. Thus, when you have dreams about spiders it represents creativity and construction. It may mean some new ideas that you are building, some creative projects that you are looking to work on.

The dreams tell you to unfold your hidden talents and work on it; to have a clear vision of your goal and accomplish it.

Feminine energy

Since spiders create beautiful cobwebs, they are symbolic of femininity. They represent a creative and nurturing energy that sustains life. It represents the presence of domineering female figures in your life; such as any mother figure, spouse, girl friend or boss who may be helpful to you always.

Sometimes, it also symbolizes the qualities of patience, perseverance, and endurance that are inspiring feminine qualities to look for.

Web of lies and deceit

Dreams about spiders may generally mean lies, cheating, deceit, dishonesty, destruction, and betrayal. Maybe in waking life, you have trusted someone and that person has cheated on you.

It may also mean that you should be more careful about your connections and never trust anyone blindly. Over trusting others may make you fall prey to false situations.

Fear and anxieties representing your shadow self

If you are afraid of spiders, its appearance in dreams may signify your deepest fears and anxieties. It reflects self-doubt, insecurity, inability to handle negative influences in your life. This fear also represents your shadow self.

The scary spider in dreams symbolizes that in order to become successful, you should face your fears and try to overcome it.

Accomplishing goals

As spiders are hardworking insects and show enough patience to create beautiful webs, they can do anything to accomplish goals and make things happen. When this tiny scary insect visits you in dreams, it tells you to chase your dreams and accomplish goals; no matter how hard it is.

You just have to keep trying till things are done. Every time you fail in your efforts, start again until you finish it off in grace.

2. Big Spider Dream Meaning

A big spider, large spider, or a giant spider denotes that something big is looming large on you; that is difficult to ignore. It may be an emotional turmoil that you are experiencing, your feelings about an event that is disturbing. 

It could also be that you are ignoring something for a long time and as such things are getting out of control.

Your subconscious brain might be prompting you to notice the problem and solve it. A big spider represents overwhelming emotions that lurk high on you. You may also feel trapped or betrayed by others.

3. Dream about killing spiders

If you are scared of spiders in the waking world; this fear may get projected and make you terrified and uneasy in your subconscious state. If you have dreamed of killing a spider around you, it represents bad luck and misfortune.

It means that you are trapped in a web of falsehood and deceit; you have stumbled on a hard rock and there is no way out of the situation. 

This dream is also symbolic of quarrels, misunderstandings between family members and friends. Conflicts and situations of aggressive and explosive nature may befall anytime. If you kill a black spider or widow spider in dreams, it means feminine power and dominance over you.

It means that you have gained control over the situation or the people who have made your waking life miserable and unworthy for some time now.

To kill a tarantula means that you have overcome your deepest fears and insecurities. You have learned to eliminate the feeling of entrapment in the whims of darkness.

4. What does it mean when you dream about black spiders?

Dreaming about a huge black spider represents separation, isolation, loneliness, or disapproval. It means emptiness of feelings, numbness, sorrow, and mourning. It implies that negative forces are creating a toxic web of lies around you.

You are cheated or deceived by some person. You are running away from them because they just make you more stressful and anxious. 

A small black spider makes you avoid problems. You are running away from problems because it is overbearing and intense.

It is advisable to take actions and improve your quality of life. The feelings associated with black spiders are depression, worries, fear, disappointment, and despair. For example:

  • You are not getting a much-awaited promotion.
  • Colleagues backbiting and plotting against you.
  • Relationships are falling apart due to deceit and cheating.

5. What does it mean when you dream about spiders everywhere?

Spiders represent feminine energy because they are master creators of beautiful webs. If you see spiders hovering everywhere and the spider is attacking you, it means that your encounter with a female figure in your waking life is not going smoothly. 

It also implies an impending danger in some areas of your life. The female figure may be your mother, a boss, spouse, or girl friend with whom the relationship got strained due to some reason.

You are emotionally disturbed and unbalanced. Maybe, things are not working out smoothly. You are reminded of a possible conflict looming large on you. Spider infestations everywhere around you represent female controlling forces that are sucking your life too hard.

6. What does it mean when you dream about flying spiders?

Dreaming of flying spiders signifies good mood and success. You are on the rise; enough lucky to accomplish your goals. It is a sign of a successful endeavor that you have achieved after much effort and hard work.

A flying spider symbol represents growth, progress, and manifestation of your wishes and desires. You will be high in spirits and enough resourceful to weave your destiny.

7. What does it mean to dream of a Redback spider?

When you get dreams about red back spiders, it’s time to surrender and give up. You need to give up old habits and old ways of thinking.

New perspectives need to be developed to live life in a better way. You need to surrender old feelings and let go of emotions that are hurtful because denial will bring resentment and anguish.

A red back spider tells you to surrender to something that is greater and powerful than you. It reminds you to surrender emotional setbacks that you have been denying for so long. In doing so, you will attain happiness and peace of mind.

8. Dreams about Spiders Hanging over You

Spiders hanging in your dream or a creepy insect dangling over you from the ceiling or sideways mean that you are worrying and anxious about something in your waking state. The issue is causing immense mental disturbance.

You are afraid and insecure about what comes next. The spider reminds you to become mindful of your problems and find out workable solutions to it.

A hanging spider descending from somewhere also represents an unfinished task that you are not paying attention for a long time now. A hanging spider reminds you to deal with anxieties looming large and not to ignore them.

9. What does it mean to be attacked by a spider in dreams?

If a spider attacks you in dreams, it could mean that you are under a threatened position. This threat or attack comes from a female figure that is dominating and aggressive.

The female present in your real life situation is trying to control and overshadow you. Thus, your free will is lost. You are not allowed to express yourself freely.

10. Dreams about Lots of Spiders

This is a sign of enemies or adversities lurking upon you. The dream about a lot of spiders means evil or impending danger. It is symbolic of deceit and confusion going around you.

Seeing so many creepy insects in dreams can make you emotionally overwhelmed but still it’s a reminder to stay poised and develop appropriate strategies to overcome lies and deceit and reduce negative influences in your life. You should look at your true feelings and bring it to conscious awareness for emotional healing.

11. Spiders Crawling on You

Carl Jung believed that a black spider crawling all over your body or in some parts of the body can signify your shadow self. It represents the dark side of your personality that remains hidden and you would hardly wish to face it in your conscious existence.

If you see spiders crawling up a wall, it means that you are smoothly moving ahead in your career or personal life. It denotes successful accomplishment of professional goals.

You always try to keep it down, put it undercover, and ignore it as much as possible. This ‘shadow self’ is hurtful, weak, and broken. The spider reminds you to face those painful aspects of your ‘psyche’; to eliminate the dark feelings that are touchy, sensitive, and bruised. In doing so, you will gain emotional mastery.

12. Spider Web

When you see spiders weave webs, it shows disturbances in your waking state. A spider web is used to catch prey. Thus, this web in your dream means you are caught in a problem from which exit becomes difficult.

It means that you are unable to find a solution to the problem. You are entrapped and stuck in a realm of betrayal, distrust, and misfortune. A spider web in a dream represents mixed feelings. 

If you see spider climbing walls and making webs, it signifies that some parts of your life have become pointless and unnecessary. A simple example can be a failed relationship or a breakup that was necessary for your emotional well being. 

If you see spider weaves webs in an old house, it may mean a difficult situation that is bothering you for a long time and you need to find a solution to it. Simply speaking dreams about spider webs is associated with problems that you need to free yourself from.

13. Spider bites

A spider bite dream may mean a painful event of the past that is bothering you till now. A past unhealed emotional pain or wound appears in the dreams to remind you of the toxic influences it has in your life.

The trapped wounds and feelings resurfaced in the dream sequences to make you more fearful and anxious.

A spider biting you is symbolic of fear, fraud, and deceit. It also means someone in your waking life had been dishonest and had hurt you immensely. If you are bitten by a spider, it is also symbolic of becoming a victim to failures and adverse situations. You are unable to make progress in your goals.

14. Spider chasing you

When you see a spider chasing you, it means that you need to grow up and leave your child-like innocence to deal with problems.

You need to become tactful and face situations with maturity and intelligence; otherwise people will take advantage of your innocence. You may fall prey to manipulation, lies, and deception.

It tells you to become responsible and careful. According to some folklore stories, dreams about spiders chasing you also means that some dominant female is trying to rule your life. You are making every effort to avoid that person.

15. Spider running away from you

When you dream of a spider running away from you, it may denote that you are running away from a situation that evokes worry and concern. The event is anxiety-prone and you are making efforts to avoid it. It also means avoiding people or relationships that are deceitful and do not serve a good purpose in your life.

16. Spider as a pet

When you dream of a pet spider; it means that though you are scared of this creepy insect, you are ready to face life’s obstacles wholeheartedly.

You are ready to face your deepest secrets and insecurities thereby embarking on a purposeful life’s journey. Moreover, it also denotes starting new adventures, facing challenges, and accomplishing goals successfully.

17. Jumping spider

A spider jumping on you in dreams may signify entrapment. You are trapped in a false relationship that is full of lies and deceit. It represents that somebody is manipulating and plotting against you and making you fall prey to hurts and wounds. You are entrapped and cannot find a way out of it.

18. Having nightmares about spiders

If you frequently get nightmares about spiders, it may mean that you are warned of some threatening or sticky situation coming ahead. There is some forthcoming danger that may put you in trouble. It symbolizes power and mystery.

19. Poisonous spider

A poisonous spider in dreams is a warning sign for you. It reminds you of the toxic emotions lurking on you.

This means entrapment and betrayal in close relationships that have poisoned your emotional health. It indicates a wicked and treacherous manipulation being plotted against you by someone in your life.

20. Spider in your bed

When you get dreams about spiders on your bed, it symbolizes privacy encroachment and revealing your secrets. It means that somebody is trying to invade your personal space. You are humiliated and let down by someone.

A radical violation of privacy by others is the inherent meaning of this dream. It also indicates your annoyance, bad temper, mood swings, negative thoughts that are killing your rationality every now and then.

21. Big tarantula attacking you

Tarantulas are venomous spiders. It means enemies are around you. A dream of such a spider attacking you means hidden danger, backbiting, attack, abuse, manipulation, and aggression that someone is plotting against you.

Sometimes, this dream also means that feminine forces in your life are trying to control or dominate you.

22. Killing giant spider

If you see that you have killed a large spider, it means that you have found the right solutions to problems. To kill a spider reminds you to avoid violence and settle out issues peacefully. This specific dream symbolizes the end of troubles and difficulties. You are capable of facing adverse situations and overcoming obstacles successfully.

23. Small spider or baby spider

When you dream of a small or baby spider, it means new beginnings and relationships. These tiny insects are a good sign of love life and friendships. Moreover, a baby spider is also symbolic of wise decisions that you take in your life, such as marriage, starting a family, etc.

24. Giant spider

If you see a huge spider, big and giant, it is not considered a good omen. It means loss of wealth and fortune. It also indicates big trouble or work pressure that will come your way soon. A giant spider is a warning sign to be alert and cautious in your actions with people around you.

25. Spider eggs

Spider eggs are associated with scary concepts. The eggs are present in the spider’s web. Such a dream of laying eggs usually means roadblocks to success. You are unable to fulfill your wishes and desires in your waking life.

Spider eggs also means that you are in a need to express your emotions and talents but getting restricted in many different ways.

26. Eating spider

If you see crawly creepy insects in your mouth, it is an unpleasant and scary dream. This dream symbolically is not as bad as it appears.

Eating spiders in dreams means taking control over a situation and achieving your goals. It represents courage, dominance, and confidence to achieve things.

27. Trapped in a cobweb

Spiders make articulate cobwebs to attack other insects and eat them up. A cobweb represents captivity and bondage. If you dream cobwebs, it could mean that there are hindrances and obstacles in realizing your goals.

There are forces in your life that are stopping you from making progress and you should do something to move on. You may feel hopeless and pessimistic. Your trust is challenged and you are feeling trapped.

28. Spider standing still

You must have noticed that a spider remains in one position for a long time. It is a way to catch the prey at the right time. If you see a spider standing still in dreams, it suggests that you are feeling unsafe.

Someone is conspiring against you and can harm and deceive you in the near future. This dream also symbolizes your worries, fears, apprehensions that may harm your mental well being.

29. Killing a black widow spider

If you have killed the spider, it means gaining back control over your life. A black widow spider is symbolic of danger, feminine dominance or even death. It is a bad omen, so killing such a deadly spider means win. You have successfully achieved your endeavors.

30. Spider spinning a web

If you see a spider is weaving a web, it means that your due reward for your effort and hard work will come to you soon.

It means recognition, praise, accolades from others. Weaving a web means creativity and achievement of goals. It also means peace, harmony, and well being in family life and social relationships.

31. Spiders in hair

A spider in your hair denotes that you are afraid that someone or something is trying to take your good health, emotional balance, and wisdom. It can be an illness or emotional turmoil that is bothering your physical and mental well being. It also signifies getting caught in unnecessary stress and worries.

32. Spiders catching prey

If you see that a spider is catching its prey, you need to notice the type of insect being caught. It suggests that the type of insect that the spider catches will depict various situations in your life. If the spider catches a bee, it means good luck for you.

Catching a wasp means a positive mindset. If it catches a mosquito, it means somebody is trying to annoy you.

Spider Dream Meaning – For different types and colors

33. White spider

A dream about white spider symbolizes positive energy, hope, healing, and transformation.

34. Black spider

It represents mistrust, lack of loyalty, terror, and disappointment.

35. Red spider

A red spider in dreams can mean passion, happiness, loving relationships, and protection.

36. Green spider

It shows calmness, solitude, inner healing, and recovery from negative emotions and influences in your life.

37. Blue spider

If you see a blue spider hovering in your dream state, it means inner content and fulfillment. You are satisfied with your life.

38. Yellow spider

These dreams suggest happiness that may come out of some random happenings in life.

39. Orange spider

An orange spider in dreams represents kindness, generosity, and good social relationships.

40. Pink spider

A pink spider denotes love, joy, happiness, positive mindset, and optimism. It is a symbol of creativity and nurturance.

41. Silver and golden spider

It represents good health, fortune, and more wealth coming your way.

42. Brown spider

When you dream about brown spiders, it may denote physical comfort, material gain, financial profit, wealth.

43. Purple spider

A purple spider symbolizes high social position, career growth, good status, recognition, justice.

44. Grey spider

A grey spider means dissatisfaction and disappointments. It is a symbol of alienation and hostility in social relationships.

45. Striped spider

A striped spider in your dreams means that there are hidden meanings to the things that you see around you. You need to unleash the secrets and rediscover your own feelings to move ahead in life.

46. Hairy spider

The creepy crawly hairy spider means negative energy, harm, and unsafe. It also means to look under the issue to find out the real reason for the problem that you might be facing.

47. Spotted spider

A spotted spider in dreams signifies hurtful emotions, stress, and anxiety. The life situations have become a cause of concern and are slowly making you a worrywart.

Why do I always dream about spiders?

You may dream about spiders because it symbolizes an aspect of yourself that is hidden from the outside world. A spider in dreams usually signifies your ‘shadow self’; characterizing those aspects of your personality that are filled with negative emotions such as hatred, anger, resentments, disgust, and jealousy. 

The dark side of your ‘persona’ is vulnerable and may easily fall prey to deceit and cheating; done by others. You may easily find yourself in a web of lies from which escape may become difficult. As you are afraid of spiders, the dream reminds you to confront the fears and insecurities of your waking life and live in peace and harmony.

Your dreams are a wake up call to resolve the issues of your real-life; a life lesson that needs to be learned and followed to keep enemies at bay and remain cautious of your immediate surroundings.

Biblical meaning of dreams about spiders

In the Bible, spiders are known for their creativity and craftsmanship. It is a wise insect that calls you to accomplish your life goals, by weaving a web of brilliance and greatness. Sometimes these creepy crawlers also signify the malicious intentions of known people.

The biblical interpretation of spider dreams means you need to open the door of opportunity with your hardwork and effort. As these creepy insects build its masterpiece web; it reminds you to create a realm of great work.

You have the power to fulfill your goals; just be patient, wise, and humble to do things at the right time and in the right balance.

Another viewpoint describes the insect as a protector; signifying the spider’s beautiful web as a symbol of protection from evil. The insect tells you to shield yourself from harmful people and bad influences; just as the spider traps harmful insects in the web and protects the household from them.

In Christianity, spider webs are symbols of evil, lies, deceit, and maliciousness. Whenever you dream about spiders, it’s a reminder to stay away from harmful influences in your waking life.

However, the exact interpretation of spider dreams varies according to the way these insects relate to you in your personal life.

The biblical meaning of spiders in dreams also relates to problems in relationships. it signals toward a breakup due to lies, cheating, and deceit by one of the partners.

Every reference of dreams about spiders in the Bible is different. Some indicate a good meaning and others bad. It is important that you use self-awareness and intuition to decipher the exact meaning of such dreams.

Spiritual meaning of dreams about spiders

Spiritually, dreams about spiders are symbols of patience, perseverance, hard work and skill. A spider denotes incredible tolerance and forbearance in the way it weaves its creative web. In dreams, it tells you to develop awareness and focus in whatever you pursue.

Dreams about spiders are reminders to be aware of your creativity and skills and to tap the right opportunities to showcase your talent. if a spider often shows up in dreams, it could mean creation, intuition, beauty, and elegance.

The tiny insect wants you to understand your life on a deeper level and take necessary actions to improve your life and living.

Sigmund Freud noted that dreams about spiders are symbolic of fear for the mother figure in waking life. it represents a female who may overpower you easily. Carl Jung said that spiders are related to our ‘shadow self’.

It indicates those dark and hidden truths of your life that you do not want to live by. You either try to ignore it or repress it to the unconscious realm.

Spiders in dreams also symbolize free spirit and independent thinking. it’s a message from God to fulfill your independent desires. Dreams about spiders also indicate change and transition in real life for something good.

Spiritually, these dreams represent God’s wise plan for you. He wants you to trust your abilities and intuitions and carve a beautiful life for yourself. It tells you to have faith in yourself and trust your inner call for righteous living.

Questions to ask yourself, if you dream about spiders

Dreams involving spiders are not uncommon but seen as scary and uncomfortable. People may wake up frightened.

The dream interpretation varies according to the situation you were in the dream state. You can ask the following questions to yourself and analyze the meaning of the dream; that you just had.

  1. What was the spider doing in the dream?
  2. Was the spider aggressive? Did it try to kill or bite you?
  3. Did you see a spider spinning a nice cobweb? How did you feel?
  4. Were you scared or frightened to see the spider?
  5. Was the spider trying to tell you something? Could you understand the message?
  6. What was the color of the spider? Was it striped or spotted?
  7. Are there any areas of your waking life that require a re-visit to resolve hidden issues?

Spider symbolism holds deeper meanings. Thus, keep yourself open to the things around you to analyze the dreams that you see. Think of the circumstances of your waking life and pay attention to the dream’s meaning as it holds both positive and negative messages.

The video link given below shows the dream interpretations of Spiders.

Parting words from ‘ThePleasantDream’

To end with a positive note, we can say that your personal associations with the spider will give varied dream interpretation.

Maybe, the whirlpool of emotional events in waking life is getting manifested in your subconscious mind. Sigmund Freud believed that studying dream symbolism can easily help us to understand the unconscious mind.

Though this creepy insect is usually repulsive for humans; yet some spider dreams hold positive energy. Spiders are related to creativity, patience, and progress. Seeing a spider weaving and spinning webs are like carving your own destiny. After all, it is not entirely bad.

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