What Are Prophetic Dreams?

Dreams that give insight into the future and the upcoming events are categorized as prophetic dreams. They are broadly classified into directional, decision, and warning dreams.

Let's explore some of the types of Prophetic Dreams!


Warning Dreams -------------------

Such types of dreams warn you of possible impediments and therefore to be wary.

Decision Dreams -------------------

In this type of dream, you see yourself faced with a choice & watch yourself make a decision.

Directional Dreams -------------------

Through directional dreams, the universe or your spirit guides give you prophetic messages.

Clairaudient Dreams -------------------

You may hear a clear and distinct voice in your dream. You may or may not know where it comes from.

Telepathic Dreams -------------------

As the name suggests, in such types of dreams, you can connect with someone’s thoughts via the dream.

How To Make Prophetic Dream Interpretation Easier

1. Note down everything you can recall.

2. Take note of any signs, symbols, or numbers you saw in the dream.

3. If someone uttered any word in the dream, do not forget to write it down. 

4. Study them until you see a pattern. 

Prophetic dreams can leave you feeling uneasy and afraid of what will happen soon. But you need to remember that such dreams happen not to scare you but to warn and guide you so you avoid pitfalls in your real life.

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