Though we simplify every vision we see in our sleep state as dreams, most of us are not aware that dreams can be differentiated into several types such as prophetic dreams, regular, and even visitation dreams. 

However, in this article, we are going to talk about prophetic dreams – what they are, how they are different from other dreams, and how to know if you had one.

Prophetic Dreams - A Comprehensive Guide!
Prophetic Dreams – A Comprehensive Guide!

What Are Prophetic Dreams?

Dreams that give insight into the future and the upcoming events are categorized as prophetic dreams. They are broadly classified into directional, decision, and warning dreams.

Prophetic dreams are defined as those that foretell a future event. Or in other words, dream scenarios that contain foresight into the future can be categorized as prophetic dreams. 

Though they foretell what would happen in the foreseeable future, it doesn’t necessarily mean the same incidents and events will happen in reality. 

As the name suggests, prophetic dreams can be exceedingly complex to decipher. 

Therefore, it is imperative to gather all the dream events, as accurately as possible, connect the dots, find their common ground, and then proceed with the dream interpretation. 

However, prophetic dreams often carry messages from God involving visions, symbols, and sounds hinting at events that will happen in the foreseeable future.

Types Of Prophetic Dreams

Prophetic dreams can be categorized under different heads as discussed below –

Warning Dreams

Warning dreams are the most common types of prophetic dreams. Such types of dreams warn you of possible impediments and therefore to be wary. 

However, the dream did not mean you should halt or even give up everything. Instead, it hints at things you must avoid to have a smooth road ahead.

You are wrong if you think warning dreams are etched in stone. The events can be changed, and most probably, the universe too let the dream happen so you can alter the future. 

Decision Dreams

In these types of dreams, you see yourself faced with a choice and then watch yourself make a decision. 

Since your conscious self is completely shut off during your sleep stages, it is your subconscious instead of your rational conscious mind that made the decision in your dream. 

Directional Dreams

Through directional dreams, the universe or your spirit guides give you prophetic messages.

For instance, if a voice in a dream tells you to follow a specific direction, you should try to reevaluate the pros and cons of following the path directed by the voice.

Clairaudient Dreams 

If you hear a clear and distinct voice in your dream, that dream can fall under clairaudient dreams. You may or may not know where it comes from or who it belongs to. 

Regardless of that, it is crucial to pay attention to the message the voice conveys as that is the key to the whole dream. 

Telepathic Dreams

As the name suggests, in such types of dreams, you can connect with someone’s thoughts via the dream.

In a nutshell, you would be able to know what he or she feels about a particular matter without him or her telling you anything about it. 

Generally, the person you can connect with in the dream is someone you are very close to. 

Empathetic Dreams

In these dreams, you will encounter yourself feeling empathetic towards someone or something. However, you wouldn’t be able to find out the reason why you felt that way. 

Most of the time, the person you feel empathetic towards in the dream would be a close friend or family. 

Apparition Dreams 

In apparition dreams, deceased people appear to convey an important message. 

What Are The Various Prophetic Dream Symbols?

Symbols to look out for in a dream you believe is prophetic include –

  • Wisdom – Through prophetic dreams, God often sends messages to help you understand yourself better- attitudes, behaviors, etc.
  • Encouragement – These dreams also happen as a means for God to encourage and give you the much-needed push. Such dreams will either build the confidence you need or help you discover your potential to face the challenges you need to pursue your dream goals.
  • Healing – Through prophetic dreams, God may remind you to have faith in him and be hopeful of the future.
  • Warning – One of the most common messages God conveys through these dreams is warnings. Such scenarios often occur when you or someone near you is marching towards danger but are not aware of it in the least bit. 
  • Help – One of the messages people often receive through these dreams is to assist someone who is in dire need of help. That person may be a close one or a mere acquaintance. The reason why God chose you is that He knows you have the ability to help that person get out of trouble. 

Prophetic Dreams: How To Tell If You Had One?

It is not easy to determine if your dream can be called prophetic or not because we humans have no idea about what will happen in the future until the moment it happens. 

Scientific Analysis Of Prophetic Dreams

According to scientists, dreams that come true can be a guidance for you to follow through, thus making it look like they are coming true. 

Another scientific argument is that because your subconscious is a lot faster than your conscious, your subconscious mind has the ability to put together bits and pieces of information.

This information could be regarding what is likely to happen based on the events and incidents that have already taken place in reality. 

Do Prophetic Dreams Come True?

Whether prophetic dreams come true or not is hard to conclude. 

It is complicated, though not impossible to tell if a dream is prophetic or not.

Because until and unless the incidents in the dream actually happened, you will not be able to determine if you can class a particular dream as prophetic or not. 

And even if the events do come true, they can merely be coincidences rather than the Divine speaking to you.  

How To Make Prophetic Dream Interpretation Easier

  • In case you get a hunch that you had a prophetic dream, note down everything you can recall.
  • Take note of any signs, symbols, or numbers you saw in the dream.
  • If someone uttered any word in the dream, do not forget to write it down. That simple word can be the reason behind the whole dream. 
  • Recall and analyze the events, the more detailed the better. 
  • Study them until you see a pattern.


Prophetic dreams can leave you feeling uneasy and afraid of what will happen soon. But you need to remember that such dreams happen not to scare you but to warn and guide you so you avoid pitfalls in your real life.