What Do Dreams about Drones Signify?

Dream of Flying a Drone

You do not like being restrained or put at any risk.

Dream of Spying with Drone

You tend to pry into other people’s private businesses.

Dream of Drone Crashing 

Something will cause your plans to fail or come to an abrupt halt.

Dream of Drone with Exhausted Battery

You are lacking motivation and energy to become successful.

Dream of AI Controlled Drone

You fear that someone is hiding things from you.

Dream of Drone Attack

You are being pressured into doing something by those who hold power over you.

Dream of Drone with Weapons

Your actions can humiliate or embarrass someone you know.

Dream of Breaking a Drone

You have to be cautious of people around you.

Dream of Gifting a Drone 

You do everything within your power to make things right in the lives of people around you.

Dreams of drones are often manifestations of what you repress in your subconscious. Such dreams represent new perspectives, growth, carefulness, resources, and a way to light and happiness in your life. Sometimes it can be a sign of your insecurities and fears.