A dream of kissing will make you feel loved or disgusted, depending on who you kissed or got kissed by!

However, would you feel the same if an ugly monster tried to kiss you? Instead, you would start to wonder about the meaning of the dream.

So, we simplify your tasks by unfolding some dream scenarios. So, hop on!

Dream of Kissing - Different Scenarios And Their Meanings
Dream of Kissing – Different Scenarios And Their Meanings

What Does It Mean When You Dream about Kissing Someone?

Usually, a dream about kissing someone or getting kissed by another individual signifies positivity, love, respect, admiration, and contentment in your waking world. That being said, there are several dreams revolving around kissing that foretells betrayal.

Generally, such a dream stands for love, harmony, affection, and contentment in your waking life. 

But according to the types of kisses, the person you kissed, and where you kissed him or her, the interpretation varies.

However, before we move any forward, let’s look at general interpretations. 

  • Happiness and contentment – Though not all dreams associated with kissing symbolize positivity, many of them reflect peace, harmony, and contentment. 
  • Feelings Of Closeness And Intimacy – In reality, we share kisses with people we are close with. Therefore, these dreams could stand for feelings of closeness and the development of an intimate relationship between you and another person. 
  • Hidden Desires And Passion – Dreaming about kissing someone may stand for the romantic feelings you have for someone. Besides, the dream plot could stand for the hidden emotions the dreamer feels for someone in his or her waking life. 
  • Deceit And Betrayal – In the Holy Bible, the act of kissing is associated with betrayal. Therefore, depending on the details as well as taking into account your real-life circumstances, this scenario may symbolize betrayal from someone you trust.
  • Breaking Boundaries – Often in real life, a kiss is a breakthrough in a relationship. Suppose you share a formal relationship with a colleague. 
  • You have fallen for someone you really shouldn’t – Kissing someone, especially another person’s partner may mean you secretly love or feel attracted to that person. While you do not let your feelings come to the surface in the real world, your desires are projected in the dream world, the realm where anything can happen. 
  • You are being secretive – Some dream scenarios associated with kisses are a sign that you are keeping something away from others. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Kissing In A Dream

A kiss in general was considered sacred in some cultures during ancient times. Therefore, kissing dreams from the spiritual perspective may symbolize happiness, harmony, and blessings. 

Dream Of Kissing: Different Scenarios And Their Meanings

A dream about your first kiss

It shows that you anticipate your life’s first kiss. At other times, it may denote love is in the air and the brewing of a romantic relationship. Nonetheless, it could even be a sign that your life lacks love and romance. 

Kissing someone of the same gender

Regardless of your gender, it means you have finally accepted yourself for who you really are. Chances are, you are a heterosexual and the dream indicates you have made peace with your sexuality. 

Kissing your partner in a dark place

The darkness in the dream may be your subconscious trying to bring your attention to your partner’s behaviors and activities. Possibly, he or she has indulged in something you wouldn’t appreciate or approve of. 

Kissing Different People in Dreams

Kissing your father

It symbolizes success and prosperity. 

Kissing your mother

It means your professional life will do very well going forward. Because of your success and achievements, you will likely earn the respect and admiration of others around you. 

Kissing your sibling

The scenario foretells good times ahead. Furthermore, the dream shows you would benefit a lot from your relationships.

Kissing a friend

To dream about the above plot could be your subconscious mind encouraging you to consider a reconciliation with someone you got distant from.

Moreover, if you are kissing a close friend, then it means that you wish to be closer to him or her than you are already in the waking world.

Perhaps you want to connect with that person romantically!  

Kissing your ex

It’s high time you walk away from something – a relationship, a job that drains you, a family that discourages you every time… You know your life better!

It may also happen if you are reminiscing about the good times you spent together with that person. 

Kissing someone else’s partner

Despite the negativity associated with the plot, the dream is a sign that you would be successful in whatever you try your luck on around this time. 

On the other hand, your dream could be foretelling a trip you’ll likely undertake with your partner soon. Don’t think twice about it if you want to nurture your relationship. 

Besides, it also denotes that you longed to be in a relationship and feel loved again. Perhaps you are secretly envious of the relationships your friends share with their partners. 

Lastly, the plot may also reflect the inappropriate and indecent thoughts you harbor in reality. 

Kissing your boss

It indicates you will prosper in your professional life. 

Kissing someone you like in reality

It could be a premonition of a relationship between the two of you. 

Such a plot is also associated with your goals. Chances are, you are literally just a step away from success.

So, even if you feel like giving up and abandoning all of your hard work, your subconscious encourages you to keep pushing. 

Kissing a child or children

It is a harbinger of happy days together with friends and family in the foreseeable future. 

Kissing a stranger

The dream plot is a warning against short-term relationships. Most likely, they will bring nothing to your life but trouble and more trouble. 

In some instances, the stranger could stand for parts of you that you have kept concealed or denied all this time.

Also, it may mean you have made peace and have even decided to embrace those traits you have kept away for a long time. 

Kissing a celebrity

It shows how you aspire to become successful someday. Besides, the scenario may just be a reflection of your fantasies. 

Kissing a pastor

It may mean you want others to respect and look up to you. 

Kissing a girl

It may stand for positive and negative depending on the physical appearance of the girl. 

If she looks attractive, you will possibly encounter trying times in the foreseeable future. On the flip side, if she looks ugly, the scenario portends happiness.

Giving someone a French Kiss

It means you need to be transparent and honest about your emotions. 

Dreams About Kissing: Different Places


It symbolizes peace and harmony in the dreamer’s life.

On the other hand, it shows how you are displeased with someone’s actions and behavior.


The scenario reflects the respect, love, adoration, and affection you have for a person in your life. Alternatively, it may mean someone feels the same towards you. 


The dream is a projection of the uninhibited passion and desire to indulge in physical intimacy with someone in your waking life. 


There’s a strong possibility that you will get into an intimate or sensual relationship with someone in the near future.  

But whether the relationship in question would end up as a serious affair or just a temporary fling is questionable. 

Besides, your dream might have something to do with your spirituality. 

Moreover, recall how you felt during the kiss. If you were disgusted, it may be a sign that an evil spirit is trying to connect with your soul.

On the other hand, a pleasant kissing encounter means good spirits and spiritual entities favoring you. 


It means you revere and admire the other person who appeared in your dream. Remember, dreams are subjective.

Therefore, that person could symbolize any other person in your life. 

Similarly, somebody kissing you on your hands shows that someone has a deep and sincere regard for you. 


A dream of kissing is not only limited to love, romance, and relationships.

The scenario may even indicate success or failure in some aspects of your life and indicate areas that need to be fixed or transformed. 

Therefore, while decoding the dream, you must be very open to any sort of meanings. 

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