What Do Dreams about Elevators Signify?

Dream about falling in an elevator

You fear of falling after reaching a certain point in life.

Dream about elevator going up

It stands for elevation in some aspects of your life. 

Hanging over the elevator shaft in dreams

It means instability.

Dream of an empty elevator

Your life has gotten automated with meeting the same people every day.

Dream of getting stuck in an elevator

You feel stuck in life.

Dream of elevator stopping on the wrong floor

A deceleration you will experience in your path.

Dream of repairing an elevator

You will soon regain control over your feelings and emotions.

Dream of you getting stuck in an elevator amidst strangers

Cupid will likely favor you during this time of your life.

Dream of standing in front of an elevator

You wishes for some kind of transformation to happen in your life.

Old-fashioned elevators in dreams

You are trying to run from an unpleasant situation.

Dream of an elevator going down

You will suffer a decline.

Elevators take us either to the upper or lower floors. Accordingly, an elevator dream may mean an advancement or a deceleration in some aspects of life. Though they are not limited to work and career, they are often associated with how you currently fare in your professional life.