Dreams about elevators must not be taken lightly. They give insights into how one is faring in the real world – whether he/ she is on the right path and progressing or the entire opposite. 

If interpreted well, these dreams can help one fix broken parts of his/ her life.

Dreams About Elevators: Is It A Sign of Progress or Failure?
Dreams About Elevators: Is It A Sign of Progress or Failure?

Elevator Dream Meaning: An Overview

Dreams about elevators may symbolize an advancement or a deceleration in some aspects of the dreamer’s life. Though they are not limited to work and career, they are often associated with how he/ she currently fares on the professional front.

Dreams about elevators usually symbolize a promotion or demotion depending on the dreamer’s reality and emotional response to the plot.

While a dream of going up riding in an elevator symbolizes one’s desires and aspirations to improve his/ her life, riding an elevator to a lower level stands for a demotion. 

People often experience these dreams when they are trying to make a few adjustments in life to accomplish goals and desires. 

So, let’s look at some other possible symbolisms of elevator-related scenarios. 

  • Improvement

An ascending elevator stands for improvement in relationships, progress, prosperity, and rise to power in waking life. It could also indicate the evolution of the dreamer’s spiritual self.

  • Deterioration and Danger

A descending or falling elevator is synonymous with the dreamer’s downfall and deterioration in reality. However, not all dream plots including descending elevators symbolize declination. They could also mean restarting from the beginning.

  • Loss of Control

Just as one has no control over an elevator when it gets stuck or falls through, dreaming about elevators could also imply losing control of one’s life and situations.

  • Metamorphosis

Elevator dreams are also associated with transformations and new beginnings. Watching elevators pass by one after another could mean the dreamer wants to bring about a change and is waiting for the perfect time to put his thoughts into action. 

The dream vision of seeing oneself step into an elevator cabin means the dreamer has taken the plunge and is ready to go where the change leads him/ her.

  • Decision

These dreams could also be symbolic of the decisions one needs to make. 

Elevator Dreams: Message From The Spirit

Elevators symbolize the journey of life – an ascent to higher levels of consciousness, wisdom, awareness, or a fall based on the plot. 

Psychology’s Take On Elevators

As small enclosed spaces where one comes in close proximity to others, elevators may symbolize social anxiety, fear, insecurities, and danger. 

Common Scenarios Of Elevator Dreams

Let us now dig into some common scenarios related to elevators.

An elevator going upwards swiftly 

It stands for a sudden and unexpected rise in the dreamer’s social standing. On the contrary, the dream suggests impatience, greed, and a desire to succeed overnight without working for it. 

A rapidly ascending elevator could also mean someone close to the dreamer has entrusted him/ her with a secret. 

An ascending elevator

The vision is a sign of elevation. It could be related to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Or it could also mean the dreamer will be able to look at events from perspectives that he/ she has never considered before.  

An elevator going upwards at the usual speed can also mean the dreamer will prosper due to his/ her hard work.

A dream of an elevator going downwards rapidly

Chances are, the dreamer will soon encounter an influential person.

That person will be the dreamer’s lucky charm. And from then onwards, he/ she will start seeing development in both personal and professional spheres. 

However, the dream also conveys the message that the dreamer must not let that person manipulate and take advantage of his/ her trust.

It could also indicate a revelation of something dark about the dreamer. He/ she could be the one discovering it. Or it could also mean others getting to know his/ her toxic side

A descending elevator

An elevator moving down symbolizes a downfall. Riding an elevator moving downwards also indicates some important events are happening much slower than they should. 

The scenario also symbolizes disputes and disagreements between the dreamer and his/ her family. Besides, the dream also has a positive interpretation.

The dreamer might be feeling more grounded than ever and better equipped to face the difficulties and challenges of life.

An elevator moving sideways

A sideways or horizontally-going elevator signifies small matters have taken the front seat in the dreamer’s life. 

On the other hand, it means the dreamer’s relationship, career, or something else is not moving in the intended direction. 

A dream about falling into an elevator

It could represent the dreamer’s fear of falling and collapsing after reaching a certain point in life. 

Although it may be a mere neurosis and has nothing to do with reality, there is a possibility that unfortunate situations are likely to happen. 

An elevator car falling through with the dreamer in it could also mean he/ she often relies on others to help him/ her get out of unpleasant situations.

An elevator at a workplace 

The location also plays a vital role in the dream interpretation as it directs the dreamer to the area of life that is at a standstill, improving or declining. 

If the elevator is in a workplace, the dream plot hints at work-related issues. 

While an ascending elevator could mean possible promotion and success, a descending one could stand for demotion.

It may also indicate depression due to the dreamer’s inability to perform well.

Getting stuck in an elevator

Generally, such scenarios are synonymous with feeling stuck in real life or sometimes signifies deceit.

Sigmund Freud interprets the dream as a premonition of the dreamer failing to have the happy and contented love life he or she had anticipated.

Another interpretation stands for events and situations that seem unfavorable at first but will prove beneficial in the long run.

Riding an elevator between two fixed floors

It indicates that certain aspects of the dreamer’s life are going nowhere. Since the elevator is not entirely stuck, it means he/ she does put in the effort but for nothing. 

The elevator taking the dreamer back and forth between two fixed floors means his/ her hard work will take him/ her around only to bring him/ her back to square one.

Falling into the elevator shaft

It shows the dreamer has gotten familiar with the monotony of his/ her life.

Dreaming of a falling elevator 

The scenario indicates the dreamer’s negative thoughts, ideas and traits will overtake the positives.

An elevator full of people in a dream

It is an ill omen and it warns the dreamer of possible problems he/ she might encounter in the foreseeable future.

An empty elevator

The plot reflects boredom and monotony in waking life. 

An elevator suddenly stopped midway

The dream could symbolize potential dangers threatening the dreamer’s well-being. He/ she may even have to let go of things and people close to him/ her to get out of the danger. 

Elevator not working

Just like an empty elevator, a non-functional elevator represents a monotonous lifestyle.

Missing an elevator 

The dreamer’s luck will change for the better if he/ she missed an elevator.

An old elevator

It symbolizes depressed and broken feelings. 

An elevator at a hotel 

If the elevator is in a hotel or any residential building, it is closely related to family matters. According to the dream plot, the dreamer’s family will either undergo dark days or hit the jackpot

Glass elevators

The scenario expresses the dreamer’s perspective as he/ she walks through the journey of life. It can also reflect his/ her personality. 

Chances are, he/ she is as transparent as the see-through walls of the glass elevator – speaking his/ her mind without sugarcoating to flatter others.

Biblical Meaning Of Elevators

There’s no mention of elevators in the Bible. 

But considering the ascend and descent between heaven and Earth, an elevator can mean the connection between one’s physical and spiritual self. 


As mentioned earlier, dreams about elevators give insight into information the dreamer is denying or may be entirely unaware of. 

If put to good use, these scenarios might help the dreamer improve his/ her life.

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