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Dreams About Elevators: A Collection of 80+ Dreams Scenarios

Dreams About Elevators: A Collection of 80+ Dreams Scenarios

Updated on Jun 16, 2022 | Published on Apr 17, 2021

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dreams About Elevators A Collection of 80+ Dreams Scenarios

Have you ever dreamt of being inside an elevator cabin as it falls through a bottomless dark abyss? How did you cope with your feelings during the mishap? Did you regain consciousness with your legs jerking and body broken out in cold sweat?

If you have experienced the above situations, you are not alone. As per a survey, dreams about elevators are among the 100 most common dream events. 

Generally speaking, an elevator dream is neither wholly positive nor negative since elevators can take us both upwards and downwards. On the flip side, some elevator dreams may also be harbingers of the dreamer hitting the lowest point in life. 

Let’s go for a deep dive into them to find out the different dream interpretations.

Dreams About Elevators A Collection of 80+ Dreams Scenarios
Dreams About Elevators A Collection of 80+ Dreams Scenarios

Elevator Dream Meaning

Elevators take us either to the upper or lower floors. Accordingly, an elevator dream may mean an advancement or a deceleration in some aspects of life. Though they are not limited to work and career, they are often associated with how you currently fare in your professional life.

Dreams about elevators usually symbolize a promotion or demotion in reality and your reactions to these situations. These dreams are common when trying to make a few adjustments in life to accomplish goals and desires. 

Dreams of going up in an elevator reflect your desires to improve your status in your waking life. Alternatively, riding an elevator to the lower level means a demotion or going back to the starting point.

The symbol of elevators in dreams is analogous to that of a staircase. But since there is a lack of action on your part while riding an elevator, it implies that destiny leads you and leaves you with little to no role to change the course.

In dreams, elevators also stand for your awareness. You are observant and are aware of the happenings taking place in your surroundings.

You can sense trouble and similarly, you can make out if something or someone can be instrumental to your success. Whatever is coming towards you, you are aware and ready for it.

Dreams about Elevators: Symbolism

1. Improvement

An ascending elevator in dreams stands for your progress, prosperity, and rise to power in your waking life. It could mean an improvement in relationships between you and your partner, family, and friends. It could also indicate the evolution of your spiritual being.

2. Deterioration and Danger

A descending or falling elevator is synonymous with your downfall and deterioration in reality. However, not all dream plots that include descending elevators symbolizes declination. They could also mean restarting from the beginning.

3. Loss of Control

There’s no saying what will happen while on an elevator ride, and there’s no assurance that elevators will take you safely to the floor you intend to go to. Something may go wrong halfway, and you may be at the mercy of external help.

Just as you have no control over an elevator when it gets stuck or falls through, dreaming about elevators could also imply losing control of your life and situations.

4. Metamorphosis

Elevator dreams are also associated with transformations and new beginnings. There might be some aspects in your life that you wish to change. Watching elevators pass by one after another could mean you want to bring about a change in your life and are waiting for the perfect time to put your thoughts into action.

The dream vision of seeing yourself step into an elevator cabin means you have taken the plunge and are ready to go where the change leads you.

5. Decision

Dreams associated with elevators could also be symbolic of the decisions you need to make. Should you take a ride up or down? Decisions such as should you invest in the money compounding plans introduced by your friend or should you wait for a better option?

Dreams about Elevators: 80+ Common Scenarios and Their Meanings

Elevator dreams could have a variety of meanings – good and bad depending on the dream events. Given below is a list of the most common elevator dreams. Read on to find out the message your elevator dream is trying to put through.

1. Dream of elevator going upwards swiftly

An elevator that travels upwards at a rapid speed could have a positive or negative sign. In the first instance, it could mean a sudden and unexpected rise in your social standing.

In the second case, it could stand for your impatience and greed for overnight success without working for it. A rapidly ascending elevator could also mean someone close to you has entrusted you with a secret. 

However, this dream is unfavorable because others are likely to catch on that you are keeping something from them.

They will do all in their power to get to know the forbidden truth. Be careful with what you say and behave. Because chances are, you might blurt out the secret unintentionally. Or your actions and behavior may give away the secret.

2. Dream about elevator going up

Dreams of elevators traveling upwards stand for elevation in some aspects of your life. It could be related to your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Perhaps you will rise to the position you have always looked up to or get a decent raise. Maybe you will get into a relationship with the person you have always respected. 

Or it could also mean you will be able to look at events from perspectives that you have never considered before.  You may rekindle a relationship with your best friend after resolving a bitter feud that had separated you two. 

An elevator going upwards at the usual speed as in reality means you will ascend in life due to your hard work. 

3. Dream about seeing someone ascending in an elevator

In your dream, if you see someone going upwards in an elevator, it means someone close to you seeks financial help from you.

4. Dream of an elevator going downwards rapidly

Dreams of an elevator going down rapidly stand for your chance meeting with a person of power. He/she will be your lucky charm from then onwards, and you will see development in both your personal and professional life.

He/she is likely to linger around you for a long time. To make the best of the relationship and for your benefit, make sure you cherish the connection. However, the dream also conveys the message that you must not let him/her manipulate you and take advantage of your trust.

If you dream of an elevator going down swiftly, it could also indicate a revelation of something dark about you. You could be the one discovering the dark trait in you. Or it could also mean others, getting to know of your toxic side.

5. Dream of an elevator going down

If you dream of an elevator going down, it indicates that you will suffer a decline. This stroke of bad luck may hit you in your professional or personal life. 

Riding an elevator downwards could also indicate that some important events in your life are happening much slower than they should. It could also mean you are revisiting and delving into old problems that lie unresolved.

Dreams of an elevator going down also symbolize disputes and disagreements between you and your family. However, these are not to stay. They will be resolved once you settle on a decision concerning some issue.

Descending in an elevator in dreams also has a positive interpretation. You may feel more grounded than ever and are now better equipped to face the difficulties and challenges of life. 

6. Dream of elevator going downwards without you in it

According to this plot, you will be able to avoid potential trouble and disasters.

7. What does a horizontally-going elevator in dreams indicate?

A sideways or horizontally-going elevator signifies that small matters have taken the front seat in your life. Instead of focusing on the big picture, you are occupied with chasing after small unnecessary things.

A horizontally moving elevator also signifies that your relationship, career, or something else in your life is not moving in the intended direction. 

For example, you may have bought a house which you thought would answer all your needs. However, now that you have moved in, it might not have turned out to be what you thought it was.

8. Dream of riding in an elevator upwards only to crash through the roof

This dream scenario indicates that you have suddenly risen to a position of power. Perhaps, your success is sudden and unanticipated, and you feel at a loss instead of feeling grateful. As per your dream event, there’s a high chance of the new roles and responsibilities overwhelming you.

9. Dream about you find yourself in a bright room after riding high up in an elevator

Riding high up in an elevator symbolizes the long journey you have taken and the hurdles you overcome on the way. If you find yourself in a bright room at the end of the long ride, the dream plot symbolizes success.

In the following days, you will likely reap the benefits of your hard work, whatever it is you have been working on.

10. Dream about falling in an elevator

If you have dreams of a falling elevator, it could represent your fear of falling and collapsing after reaching a certain point in life. Although it may be a mere neurosis and nothing to do with your reality, there is also a possibility that it reflects unfortunate situations that are likely to happen. It could be related to your career, work, or relationship. 

Perhaps you fear losing your job and livelihood. Or you are anxious that your romantic relationship will come to an end.

If these accidents do happen, they will have a profound impact on your life. And because of this, your perspective on life may change altogether. An elevator car falling through with you in it could also mean you often rely on others to help you get out of situations.

11. Falling into the elevator shaft in dreams

To fall into an elevator shaft in your dreams means you are used to the monotony of your everyday events. Though famous personalities preach on the importance of following routines, they will be of no help if you stick to an unhealthy one.

This is why you should probe into your lifestyle and see if it needs a few changes and adjustments here and there. For this to happen and for your life to improve significantly, you must be very determined.

12. Dream of an elevator falling and exploding

The dream scenario where the cabin falls and explodes stands for hopelessness and loss of faith.

13. An elevator cabin crashes and falls apart in dreams

This dream scenario could indicate that you are likely to lose your place and position in your career.

14. An elevator cabin went deep down into the dark abyss with you inside it in your dreams

As expected, this dream scenario has a negative connotation. Someone or some events could have hurt you deeply. In some cases, there is also a possibility of you falling into depression.

15. An elevator takes you to the basement in dreams

If the elevator in your dream takes you to the basement, it could mean that now you have tapped into the unexplored realms of your mind you were not aware of before. Take careful note of how the dream proceeds because this dream plot is one of the most symbolic.

Riding the elevator to the basement or the last floor could also mean you will have to keep some truth hidden from a friend, family, or a close one to avoid hurting their sentiments.

16. You suffer injuries after an elevator crashes to the bottom in your dream

In your dream event, if you suffer injuries or die after an elevator crashes to the bottom, it could stand for your lack of control over your life. It is good to trust people, but that doesn’t mean you should hand over the authority of your life to others.

Nobody can tell what one thinks and feels. Before it gets too late, take back the control you had handed over, else you may find yourself in troublesome situations.

17. Falling elevator dream meaning

Each of us possesses negative qualities and is capable of harming others. However, what differentiates good people from their evil counterparts is that they let positivity dictate their activities while keeping the negative traits submerged deep down.

A falling elevator in dreams symbolizes that your negative nature will overtake the positive aspects of your personality. The dream scenario warns you to think twice before committing anything heinous as it may land you in deep trouble.

18. Dream of stepping into an elevator to find no floor inside but a hollow space

In your dream, if you walk inside an elevator only to fall into a hollow space, it is a bad sign. There is a possibility of you living an automated, robotic life. Perhaps, you do not think much of the consequences of your actions and perform deeds because you have to.

The dream plot brings in unpleasant messages and warns you to be careful with people and situations. One wrong step may land you in a pit of endless misfortunes.

19. Dream of you managed to get out of a falling elevator

In your dream, if you managed to escape from a falling elevator booth, it means you have or will avoid a mishap.

20. What do materials, objects, or people inside an elevator cabin stand for in dreams?

If there were people or objects inside the elevator you rode, it means you always value your opinions over those of others. You trust your process while disregarding others’ way of working. Having a sense of independence and not relying on others is indeed commendable.

However, what you need to remember is that no one is perfect. You may be proficient in some areas, but certainly, you will lack knowledge in some. So, in areas you feel less confident, you should consider the advice of others. 

21. Dream of riding an elevator with strangers

Before you start interpreting this dream event, recall where the elevator was. If it was in a workplace, it could mean you are applying to a job position where hundreds of others have applied to.

Those strangers probably signify your competitors. Similarly, if it was in a school or university, it indicates that others have also applied for the same.

22. What does it indicate if you were concerned about the other people who shared the elevator ride with you in your dream?

In your dream, if you were concerned about some other people who were in the same elevator cabin with you, it indicates that a real-life relationship will improve if you express your feelings and thoughts with that person. It could be a romantic relationship or one you share with your family and friends.

23. Dream of an elevator full of people

An elevator filled to the brim with people inside is an omen. It warns you of forthcoming danger you might encounter. Since it could come in any form, avoid places such as construction sites and factories that deal with hazardous pieces of machinery for the time being.

24. Dream of an empty elevator

An empty elevator in dreams reflects boredom and monotony. Perhaps your life has gotten automated with meeting the same people every day and doing the same work over and over again. The appearance of the empty elevator in your dream suggests a change to bring back the excitement in your life.

25. Dream about getting stuck in an elevator

To dream of being stuck inside an elevator means you feel stuck in life. Life has probably come to a standstill for you, with no hopes of progression and exciting events happening anytime soon.

According to the dream book of Longo, staying stuck in an elevator hints at deceit in real life. Now is not the best time to make investments and purchase valuables. To not get scammed, avoid buying and investing in things that are not urgent.

Sigmund Freud interprets dreams of getting stuck in elevators as a premonition of the dreamer failing to have a happy and contented love life he or she had anticipated.

Another interpretation of getting stuck inside an elevator stands for events and situations that seem unfavorable at first but will prove beneficial in the long run.

26. Dream of you getting stuck in an elevator amidst strangers

The dream scenario of getting stuck inside an elevator surrounded by strangers means Cupid will likely favor you during this time of your life. You will be lucky in love, and your relationships with your partner will see an improvement.

27. Dream of you repeatedly getting stuck on a particular floor in an elevator

Dreams of getting stuck on a particular floor repeatedly stand for your inability to overcome a situation in reality.

You may not be seeing further progress after hitting a certain point, however hard you toil. To decode the mysterious message your dream plot brings, take note of the environs where the elevator is and the floor number. 

After an in-depth analysis of the details, you may need to let go of the old strategies which no longer seem to work and focus on a new way of accomplishing your goals.

28. Dream of riding an elevator between two fixed floors

The dream event indicates that certain aspects of your life are going nowhere. Since the elevator is not altogether stuck, it means you do put in the effort, a lot in fact, but for nothing.

The elevator taking you back and forth between two fixed floors means your hard work will take you around only to bring you back to the starting point.

Sometimes, working hard isn’t enough to achieve milestones. Instead of toiling too hard, see if there are ways to tackle the goal or issue more smartly.

29. Dream of an elevator suddenly stops midway

Dreams of elevators getting stuck halfway could symbolize potential dangers threatening your well-being. According to the dream context, you may even have to let go of things and people close to you to get yourself out of the lurking danger. 

30. Dream about elevator not working

An unmoving elevator in dreams could represent your boredom and monotony in your waking life. You are perhaps tired of your everyday routine and feel that there is not much to live. The dream event lets you know not to let momentary feelings take rash actions. Most people go through such lackluster feelings every once in a while.

A few things you can do to stay away from boredom is starting a new hobby, for instance. Or if there is something you have always wanted to do but have never been able to because of whatever reasons, now is the perfect time to reignite the enthusiastic spark and get your hands on it.

31. Dream about getting trapped in an elevator

To dream of being trapped in an elevator could symbolize claustrophobic feelings in your waking life. It could point to anything that made you content and happy once but is wearing you off now.

A few possible instances are a relationship that no longer comforts you, a job that drains you and makes you feel lifeless. 

32. An elevator shaft in a dream

Elevator shafts appearing in dreams are not a positive sign. It represents trials and tribulations, instabilities, and uncertainties. Though the dream scenario may indicate difficulties in any walk of life, there is a high possibility of it hinting at financial crises. 

In most cases, the real-life events are not as terrible as the dream plot suggests. But the dream plot warns you to be on your guard, whatsoever. Despite the unpleasantness, you will manage to get through without much complexity if you know how to go about it.

33. Black mine elevator shaft under your feet in your dreams

This dream plot is an omen and foretells potential danger. Though it could hit any other aspect of your life, there is a possibility that the dream plots hints at business-related issues.

Pay attention to how you communicate with the other parties and refrain from showing negative emotions as they may have adverse effects on you and your business dealings.

34. Dream of looking into the shaft from the top floor

This dream event warns you to be vigilant and cautious in your business dealings.

35. Dream of falling in a dark and bottomless elevator shaft

This dream plot indicates a turn of events. Though situations have gone wrong, they will possibly turn out to be for your betterment. In this same plot, if you fall through and land on the roof of another elevator going in the upper direction, it means the hazardous situation you have encountered will take you through the wilds only to place you in a protected space.

36. Dream of falling into an elevator shaft when you or some else could have avoided it from happening

To dream of falling into an elevator shaft when you or someone else could have avoided it means you are likely to undergo trouble in reality because help came later than it should have. Be wary of the situations happening around you as your dream suggests you may hit rock bottom due to the incident hinted at.

37. Somebody pushes you to the elevator shaft in your dreams

If this is the dream event, the person who pushed you into the shaft is probably the one responsible for the troubles you are facing in life.

38. Hanging over the elevator shaft in dreams

To have dreams where you hang on to an elevator shaft means instability. One of the reasons you feel unsettled and unable to reach where you wish to be might be your insincerity towards your goals. 

39. Dream of flying in an elevator shaft

If you have dreams of flying in an elevator shaft, it points to dark days ahead for your family. For some reason, the happiness your family once enjoyed will suddenly come to an end.

40. Dream of seeing a cat in an elevator shaft

If you see a cat lingering in the elevator shaft, it represents your rival lurking around to do damage to you. And if the cat was meowing in your dream scenario, it means that person is cooking up lies, scandals, and gossip to put your reputation, career, and life at risk. 

41. Dream of the elevator stopping on the wrong floor

If an elevator stops on the wrong floor, it stands for a deceleration you will experience in your path. It could be related to your career, work, relationship, or family. 

According to dream interpreters, the floor you unintentionally arrived at in your dream is of great significance to your waking life. Numbers in dream events are crucial since they are indicative of real-life happenings.

Suppose the elevator took you to the 20th floor after you pressed the 16th button, it indicates that you must look into the events in your waking life and figure out if there is anything related to the number 20.

42. Dream of an elevator halting on the wrong floor and you step out of it

In your dream, if an elevator halts at the wrong floor and you step out of it, it stands for an erroneous decision or action. Though that particular decision or action may not have life-changing setbacks, it will be disadvantageous for you, and you will have to wait for the perfect time to get back on track again.

43. Dream about elevators taking you to the wrong floor despite pressing the correct buttons

In your dream, if an elevator takes you to the wrong floor, despite pressing the correct ones signifies mistakes.

As per the plot, they are the consequences of your actions. The dream indicates that you commit these mistakes repeatedly, and they are the sole blockages for you not reaching your destination.

44. You are unable to get inside an elevator in your dream

In your dream, if you fail to get inside an elevator because the doors refused to open, it means there are a few hurdles on your path. The dream plot lets you know that the issues are nothing huge, and you will probably overcome them with a little effort.

If you couldn’t enter due to a lack of room, the dream plot suggests you be more patient concerning your goal. Perhaps you want to take a shorter route towards success but note that it will instead lead to trouble and disadvantages.

45. What does it indicate if you were unable to open the elevator doors and get out of it in your dream?

In your dream, if you didn’t get off at the desired floor after you failed to open the elevator door, it means your emotions and feelings are the blockages to your progress. Someone might have hurt your feelings brutally in the past.

If you are still letting the past events control your present and future, your goals to accomplish great things will never come into being. According to the dream plot, you would better leave the bygone events to the past and focus on the present.

46. What does it mean to dream if you were late for an elevator ride?

To be late for an elevator ride means you would brew brand new, efficient, and unthought-of solutions to tackle issues in your life.

47. Dream of running towards an elevator?

If you dream of running towards an elevator, you will encounter someone new in your life. Whoever it is, this person is a well-wisher and will come to play a vital role in your life.

48. Missing an elevator ride in your dream

A dream plot where you missed getting on an elevator has a positive message. Your luck is going to turn around for the better.

According to the context, if there were a few issues in your life that weigh you down, the probability of you nailing them and coming out victorious is high.

49. Dreams about elevator doors opening and closing

An elevator door opening and closing in dreams stand for multiple choices. The dream signifies that there are a lot of people who wish to be together with you and you will choose one among the many.

The dream scenario says you will reap the rewards of your wise choice. Your life will blossom, and happiness will be yours as your relationship with this particular person progresses. 

You will get lucky in other areas of life too. All at once, you may get several job opportunities. Problems you had been unable to solve will also seem insignificant now as several solutions pop up to tackle the issues. 

50. Dream of watching an elevator door open and close multiple times

In your dream, if you watched an elevator door open and close multiple times, it indicates that you are likely to get into a sexual relationship with an unexpected person. This person could also be someone you just encountered.

51. Dream of an elevator door closing behind you

This dream plot is indeed symbolic. It represents you escaping obstacles and difficulties in the nick of time. If you feel that you have been or are stuck in a rut, you will now be able to see ways to escape.

52. Dreams about elevators closing their doors with you inside

If an elevator door closes with you inside it, it indicates that you are trapped inside.

53. Dream of standing in front of an elevator

If you dream of standing in front of an elevator, it symbolizes your wishes for some kind of transformation to happen in your life. The dream context reflects you waiting for the right moment to take the plunge.

54. Dream of getting inside an elevator

In your dream, if you took the action of getting inside an elevator, it means you are ready for transformations to take you for a spin and turn your life around.

55. Dream of not knowing how to get out of an elevator

The above dream scenario stands for ambiguity and a lack of clarity in your waking life. You are still unable to visualize a future.

Definitely, the dream lets you know to take a step back and reconsider your actions and plans. Another meaning of this dream scenario is that there is a possibility of you stepping into a new phase of work or career-related life.

56. Old-fashioned elevators in dreams

If you see an old-fashioned elevator in your dream, it means you are trying to run from an unpleasant situation.

57. Dilapidated elevator in a dream

A dilapidated elevator surfacing in your dream reflects your depressed and broken feelings. 

58. Dream of a dysfunctional elevator that did not let you get off at the intended floor

Such a dream plot could indicate your dissatisfaction in your waking life. You could be in circumstances that you do not wish to be a part of.

59. Dream of an elevator that keeps on going without stopping

If the elevator in your dream keeps moving without stopping on any floor, it means you are too focused and too occupied on one thing. Because of this, you have overlooked or even ignored some vital matters in your life.

60. Dream of an elevator losing control

An elevator losing control in dreams symbolizes crises. It may have to do with your relationship, career, or family. Definitely, the ride is going to be bumpy around this time of your life. Seek help from people who care for you because the dream indicates you may need external help to solve your problems.

61. Dreams of riding a rickety elevator

You know what it’s like to ride a rickety and unstable elevator. Just as how bumpy the elevator ride in your dream was, your path to your desired destination will be rough and bouncy. When times get tough, it might even throw you off guard leading to your fall.

The dream scenario suggests that you have two options to choose from- either ride through the roughness or get off the elevator and take another one. The event implies that, in your waking life, you must either face whatever comes your way, however hard it is, or opt for a smoother way to your goal.

62. Dream of an elevator with an ‘Under Construction’ sign

The dream scenario is an indication that the path you have chosen will not be the right fit for you. If you go to an elevator door only to find a signboard that says ‘Under Construction’, it means you have to take either the staircase or another elevator.

Likewise, you may have to abandon the path you have decided to take on for another if you wish your life to turn out well. 

63. Dream of repairing an elevator

If you dream of repairing an elevator, you will soon regain control over your feelings and emotions. 

Are you going through heartaches due to love not reciprocated? If so, the dream scenario conveys the message that you will fight your longings to be with that person.

You will soon accept the situation and come to terms with the fact that those problems happen because that person is not the right fit for you. Also, if anything has wavered you and thrown you off track from your life goals, you will be able to get back to them shortly.

64. Other people repairing an elevator in your dream

If you dream of other people fixing an elevator, it indicates that you are facing some troubles in your life.

The issue has gotten too big that you no longer trust your potential to tackle the problem. Possibly, your confidence level has also dwindled as the matter gets bigger day after day. In short, you don’t know which path to take as everything seems blurry. 

The dream plot indicates that you will receive some pieces of advice from people around you. Take heed to their words because those may be what you have been looking for to get in the right direction.

65. Dream of installing an elevator

The dream scenario where you were installing an elevator indicates that you will make changes and adjustments in your life to improve your way of living.

It could mean letting go of toxic habits that deters your life progress. It could also indicate making a major life-changing decision.

66. You operating the system of an elevator in your dream

If you dream of riding an elevator wherein you operate on the built-in system, the dream scenario stands for financial success.

67. Someone installing an elevator in your dream

To dream of someone installing an elevator means you have something good coming your way. It could be a surprise gift from someone, a letter of appraisal, or anything that will make your heart flutter.

68. Dream of cleaning and polishing an elevator

If you were cleaning an elevator in your dream, there is a possibility that you would need to do a task which neither excites nor motivates you. But hang on to it because you will be able to pull it off successfully.

69. What does riding a sparkling clean elevator upwards with smartly dressed people stand for in your dream?

Has your team been working on a project? Riding a clean elevator to an upper floor with smartly dressed individuals indicates success.

According to the plot, the project is one you and your team have been toiling on together. Overall, the dream stands for success, progress, and celebration.

70. Dream of an elevator and a staircase to choose from and you picked the former

If you picked an elevator over a staircase in your dream, it could mean you are choosing the shorter or simpler path to success or out of a situation.

71. Dream of getting claustrophobic while inside an elevator

In your dream, if you got claustrophobic and suddenly wished to get off, it could hint at a possible respiratory issue in reality.

72. What does it indicate if a child dreams of an elevator?

If a child has dreams about elevators, it could stand for his/ her rapid physical growth and development. In some cases, it could also mean his or her intense fear of heights.

73. Dream of an elevator at a workplace

The location also plays a vital role in the dream interpretation as it directs you to the area of your life which is at a standstill, improving or declining. If the elevator was in a workplace, the dream plot hints at work-related issues.

While an ascending elevator could mean possible promotion and success, a descending one could stand for demotion. It may also indicate your depressed feelings due to your inability to perform your best.

74. Dream of an elevator in a church or any religious establishment

An elevator at a religious establishment could stand for your spiritual evolution. Conversely, it could also symbolize forgoing your religious beliefs, depending on the dream context.

75. Dream of an elevator at a school or any institution

Since educational institutions are associated with knowledge, the movement of the elevator in your dream could stand for either your improvement or downfall concerning your studies and skills.

A descending elevator inside a school building may also indicate feeling overwhelmed and helpless with your studies.

76. Dream of an elevator at a hotel or a residential complex

If the elevator was in a hotel or any residential building, it directs mostly to family-related matters. According to the dream plot, your family may likely undergo dark days or hit the jackpot. This dream could also hint at your status. 

77. An elevator inside a shopping complex in a dream

An elevator inside a shopping area reflects your buying and spending habits.

Dreams about Elevators: Different Types of Elevators

Though all elevators perform the same function, take into account the types of elevators in your dream as their types also play a crucial role in the overall dream meaning.

78. Dream of medical elevators

If you dream of a medical elevator, the dream plot may have messages for you related to health.

79. Dreams about elevators with different doors

Elevators with different doors in dreams could signify your shifting perspectives. You are possibly being fickle-minded regarding some issue in your life. You might have decided to carry out a plan in one way only to change it all over again the next day.

80. Dreams about glass elevators

Glass elevators allow people riding inside them to see the happenings beyond the glass walls. To have dreams of glass elevators stand for your perspective as you walk through your life’s path. A glass elevator could also be a reflection of your personality.

You might be as transparent as the see-through walls of the glass elevator. You speak what you feel and do not sugarcoat your words to flatter others.

81. Dream of high-speed elevators

High-speed elevators in dreams stand for unconventional ways to reach your goals.

82. Service elevators in dreams

Service elevators are usually not open to the public. If you have dreams of a service elevator, it could indicate that you have insider information on something. For instance, you may be trying for a position in a company.

Though on the surface, it looks like you are competing with various other applicants, it may not be so. Perhaps, someone inside the company has provided you with the list of questions to be asked in the interview.

A Few Questions To Ask Yourself If You Dream About Elevators

1. Where was the elevator in your dream located?

If the elevator in your dream was at a place known to you in your waking life, it points to situations that are tangible such as relationships and finance. However, if it is a locale unknown to you, it hints at your spiritual and mental aspects. 

2. How did the dream make you feel?

You need to recall how the scenario made you feel while you were dreaming of it. On top of that, also take note of how you felt upon waking. Were you sad, ecstatic, nervous, or happy? Both of these are equally important for a detailed analysis.

3. What do you feel about elevators in real life? 

Would you take several flights of stairs at once rather than take the elevator? Or do you value your time and energy and would go for the elevator? Suppose you fall under the latter category, a dream where you willingly took the elevator without a second thought is downright symbolic.

In the same way, the dream plot where you opted for several flights of stairs despite the elevator being in a fine state has a message for you.

4. Do you suffer from acrophobia (the fear of heights), agoraphobia (the fear of being trapped in a situation), or claustrophobia (the fear of enclosed spaces)?

Elevators in dreams may not always mean progress or deterioration. They can also appear if you suffer from the above-mentioned phobias. Especially if you have recurring dreams of elevators, it would be wise to study yourself and the fears you harbor in real life. 

Closing Thoughts

Dreams do not foretell what will happen the next day or in the following days, but they are windows to your feelings and thoughts beyond the conscious.

Though you should not let yourself be too much affected by the scenarios that took place in your dreams, you should take some time to study their meanings and interpretations.

Because as quoted by Sigmund Freud, “On my way to discovering the solution of the dream all kinds of things were revealed which I was unwilling to admit even to myself”.

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