What Do Dreams of Airport Signify?

Dreaming of arriving late to the airport

You have failed to accomplish some of your plans.

Dreaming of walking into an airport

It foretells new experiences, some of might lead you to success & some otherwise.

Checking in at an airport in a dream

It signifies the emergence of fortunate events.

dreaming of being at an airport with baggage

You are all set for the changes and challenges. 

Dreaming of an empty airport

It advises you to be careful regarding your business deals.

Dreaming of a crowded airport hall

You are all set to tackle any challenge life throws on you.

Sleeping in an airport in a dream

Some of your plans will get delayed.

Dreaming of working at an airport

Your timely intervention in a matter would prevent blunders from befalling you and your family. 

Dreaming of waiting at an airport lounge

It signifies changes that will happen soon.

In general, airports in dreams symbolize a transformation – new journeys, relationships, or jobs. They also foretell a yearning for freedom. Negatively, airport dreams also denote failures, crashing of hopes, and disappointments.