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Dream of Airport: 60 Dream Plots and Their Meanings

Dream of Airport: 60 Dream Plots and Their Meanings

Updated on Aug 01, 2022 | Published on Jul 29, 2021

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dream of Airport - 60 Dream Plots & Their Meanings

A dream of airport is certainly not one of the most common themes. And chances are, its uncommonness made you even more curious of its significance, which is why you are here. 

Considering its transitory nature, it symbolizes birth and death in a broad sense. Does that mean your death is near or is someone close to you about to become a parent? 

The dream interpretation of an airport could be anything under the sun, depending on the dream elements and context.

We have prepared a comprehensive article on airport dreams including several dream scenarios. Scroll on for more and quench your curiosity. 

Dream of Airport - 60 Dream Plots & Their Meanings
Dream of Airport – 60 Dream Plots & Their Meanings

What Does it Mean to Dream of an Airport?

In general, airports in dreams symbolize a transformation – new journeys, relationships, or jobs. They also foretell a yearning for freedom. Negatively, airport dreams also denote failures, crashing of hopes, and disappointments. 

Decoding airport dreams is perplexing as they could be interpreted in a number of ways. 

In dream scenarios, airports represent the route to hope and aspirations. Perhaps you have been stuck in a matter for what seems like forever. All of a sudden, you would discover new perspectives and ways to tackle your present problem. 

With new strategies, you will likely wipe off the final obstacles that have prevented you from having what you want. That is because the airport is the last destination you visit before boarding a plane for a distant land.

With the trouble and problems out of the way, your life will be different from how it was earlier.

An airport in a dream plot could also signify a smooth road to progress and success. It symbolizes the blooming of a new relationship or a life phase.

On the flip side, it may symbolize the completion of projects, tasks, and responsibilities. 

According to Miller’s dream books, the airport symbolizes anxiety due to upcoming events. It could also stand for your inner confusion and conflict. You are probably in a dilemma concerning some matters and not sure of which path to take. 

Dreaming about airports also reflects your desire to travel somewhere far. 

They also reflect your high expectations concerning an idea or a  plan that is about to take off. Nonetheless, an airport in dreams also signifies your impulsiveness concerning a matter. 

Are you thinking of starting a business without knowing much about your products or services?

Do you think it would be a good idea to put off your plan for a later time? Perhaps you would do much better with a little more research. 

Dreaming of an airport may also reflect your desire to transform your life.

Airport Dream Meaning: Various Symbols

1. Transformation

You are about to undergo one or several changes in your waking life. 

2. An arrival or a parting

Often, airport dreams foretell the arrival of a person into your life. That person could be a stranger with whom you would develop a close bond. 

On the other hand, it could even be a person who has lost touch with you. Interestingly, it could be someone you had feelings for earlier. 

But do note that the context, elements, and present circumstances play a crucial role in the interpretation.

Just because your friend dreamt of an airport and encountered her crush doesn’t mean the same will happen to you. In your case, it could be a friend you went to college with. 

Regardless of who entered or re-entered your life around this time, expect pleasant changes. 

Airport dreams also denote the departure of a loved one. Perhaps your friend will leave you to pursue higher studies in a foreign country, or maybe your partner will cut off ties with you after a bitter argument.

3. Fear of losing 

Dreams of an airport are also associated with your fear of losing something or a person, as explained in the dream spectacle of losing something at an airport. 

4. Opportunities

If you dream of an airport, look around for opportunities because there probably are. 

But for you to grab hold of those, you have to undergo some trials and tests just like you go through the necessary verification and other formalities at the airport. 

No doubt, the process would drain you and test your patience. But the dream advises you to stick to it and do not give up midway because once you go through those complications, you would be on a smooth ride to success. 

5. Patience

If you are someone who often travels, you probably know the pain of delayed flights. Despite the inconvenience, you can do nothing but wait till the rescheduled hour.

Likewise, to dream of an airport may also be telling you to be a little more patient with your life and with the universe. 

Sometimes, things do not work out in your favor. But if you look closely, you would notice that whatever happened, happened for a reason and probably for your benefit. 

So, in case you dream of an airport, analyze if you are rushing through something. 

Do you think it can wait for another better time?

Airport Dream Meaning: Various Dream Scenarios

1. Seeing an airport in a dream

Broadly speaking, the airport symbolizes birth (arrival) and death (departure). It is one of the spaces through which people come and go. From this angle, the dream may signify the universal life cycle. 

Dreaming of an airport may also mean you will travel to a distant land. 

2. Seeing an airport at a distance in a dream

If you dream of seeing an airport at a distance, you will likely get into big trouble. 

Someone might be pushing you to something by provoking you. The dream advises you to ignore that person altogether.

Let him or her say whatever he or she likes, and refrain from getting involved as it could lead to an ugly situation.

If that person tempts you to retaliate, ask this question before you react, ‘What will I gain?’.


You’ll receive nothing but a spoiled reputation.

3. Dreaming of an airport after you have scheduled a trip

If you dream of seeing an airport after you have fixed the date to travel, it implies that you need to be cautious in your journey.

4. Dreaming of a problematic airport 

When you are just on the brink of accomplishing your goals, a problem will pop up out of nowhere.

5. Trying to reach the airport in a dream

In all likelihood, you are bored with your life. You feel that your life lacks fun and there’s nothing to look forward to. The dream reflects your desire to get out of the mundaneness of your everyday life. 

6. Dreaming of arriving late to the airport

As per the plot, you have failed to accomplish some of your plans. The dream scene of arriving late symbolizes your insecurities as a result of your failures. 

It may also reflect your anxiety about making a shift in your plans and projects. Perhaps you are leaving your present career for another and are unsure if you are doing the right thing or not. 

Sometimes, arriving late to the airport may mean you are running out of time to accomplish a mission in your waking life. Maybe you are having problems adjusting to various changes that have occurred in your life. 

Arriving late at the airport in a dream also reflects your irresponsibility. 

7. Failing to reach the airport in a dream

In your dreamscape, if you fail to get to the airport on time to catch a flight, it implies obstacles in your waking life. Here, the airport symbolizes your objectives.

Several hurdles would surface along the way to prevent you from accomplishing your plans. 

8. Dreaming of walking into an airport

The dream foretells new experiences, some of which might lead you to success and some otherwise. On the other hand, walking into an airport in a dream vision implies you are on your path to decipher a mysterious or puzzling situation. 

9. Checking in at an airport in a dream

Dreaming of checking in at an airport signifies the emergence of fortunate events. 

The dream foretells a meeting with an individual who will throw much light and vibrancy on your life. The meeting might develop into a friendship with mutual love, respect, and understanding if all goes well.

The dream advises you to be grateful to the universe when things start working out in your favor. 

10. Dreams of being at an airport

Overall, a dream of being at airport premises indicates changes in some aspects of your life. But keep your mind open to various meanings as your real-life circumstances also play a crucial role in the interpretation. 

Being at an airport in a dream also symbolizes a period of harmony and prosperity. 

According to the dreamscape, you have given your best to get out of the worst, managed to crush the negativity and toxic ideas that tried to ruin you. 

Eventually, you have finally spotted a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel after a turbulent period. 

Being at an airport in a dream also means your overall attitude towards life impresses the people around you. Your way of dealing with the ups and downs of life amazes and intrigues others.

11. Dreaming of being at an unfamiliar airport

If you find yourself in the premises of an unfamiliar airport in a dream, it portends the beginning of new relationships with new people. 

The unfamiliarity of the airport indicates that the people you are going to strike up relationships with around this time would be different from you.

Perhaps they would speak another language or belong to a culture completely different from yours. 

Needless to say, they will take you on a one-of-a-kind ride, something you have never experienced before. 

12. Dreaming of being at an airport with baggage

You are all set for the changes and challenges that might crop up anytime. 

13. Dreaming of registering at an airport

Soon, you will receive an opportunity to accomplish your long-term plans. As per the plot, your professional life looks promising. Don’t be surprised if your boss rewards you with a heartfelt compliment or a promotion.

14. Dreaming of being alone in an airport premise

Are you wasting your time chasing a pipe dream? 

The dream insists you reassess your goals and ambitions because there is a possibility that you are pursuing something that will not be beneficial to you in any way. It could also mean you are going after the impossible. 

15. Dreaming of being all alone on an airport runway

It is an indication that you feel abandoned and unloved in your waking life.

16. Dreaming of an empty airport 

The dream is a negative omen. It advises you to be careful regarding your business deals and transactions as you are likely to fall into bad days.

You are likely to dream of a deserted airport if you are in a state of confusion. Technically, an airport is supposed to be busy with people coming and going every day.

So, if you see an empty airport, it means you are clueless about which path to take. 

17. Dreaming of seeing security guards in an empty airport

As mentioned earlier, an empty airport means you are unsure of how to proceed. It could be related to your personal or professional life.

If you see none but security personnel in a deserted airport, it implies that you are turning to other people for guidance. 

The dream may also be indicating you to halt your business dealings as financial losses are in the cards. 

Negatively, an empty airport in a dream also stands for unfulfilled dreams, goals, and disappointments. Don’t be surprised if a couple of your plans fall apart. 

Distressing as it sounds, that is what the universe wishes for you. Trust the process, as it could have happened to redirect you on a completely different path. Remember, every cloud has a silver lining. 

An empty airport dream may also mean you are turning your back to your responsibilities. The universe asks you a question here-

Will your problems disappear if you turn your back on them?

No, that isn’t going to happen. You may ignore them, and put them off for some time later. But they will never go away. In fact, they may increase two or threefold if left unattended. 

If you dream of an empty airport, your relationship might also suffer. You will probably find out something about your partner – past relationships maybe, or perhaps he or she has been cheating on you. 

Before you make assumptions and conclude on your own, your subconscious advises you to hear what your person has to say. 

If you understand his or her side of the story, make peace and let go of your worries. On the other hand, if you believe your partner has done an unpardonable thing, cut off the relationship and move on. 

18. Dreaming of a crowded airport hall

If you see an airport hall bustling with people and activities, the dream signifies you are all set to tackle any challenge life throws on you.

Recall how you felt during the dream. If you were excited and happy, it symbolizes success in love and relationships. Experts also relate the dream scenario to a change in your sex life.

19. Dreaming of a busy airport

A busy airport is a good omen and foretells a period of joy and contentment. The crowd may symbolize your friends and well-wishers who would come to help you whenever you reach out. 

If you were amongst the busy crowd, the dream indicates your yearnings to leave behind people, matters, and negativities that hold you back from exploring great things. 

Negatively, a busy airport may symbolize chaos and confusion – a dilemma of which life route to take, whether to stay back or board the plane for another destination. 

If you dream of an exceedingly busy airport, life will take you on a rollercoaster ride. Various changes are around the corner, some of which will help you progress in life and some not. 

20. An airport full of travelers in a dream

As per the plot, you are most likely to accomplish your dream goals if you push yourself a little more than you have always done. 

21. Sleeping in an airport in a dream

Some of your plans will get delayed. 

22. Walking in an airport in a dream

The dream foretells new happenings in your professional as well as personal lives, which will eventually lead to gains and opportunities. 

23. Dreaming of running around in an airport

Presently you have a few issues that are weighing you down. But instead of trying to come up with a solution, the dream shows you are ignoring them. Possibly the reason may be because you see no way out of it. Maybe it seems like a dead end. 

However, the dream urges you not to give in to the problems. If necessary, take a break and start anew. That will allow you to look at the trouble from newer perspectives. 

24. Dreaming of losing something at the airport 

According to the dream, you are anxious and probably gripped with fear that you would lose something exceedingly important. 

Perhaps you are on the verge of losing your son’s custody to your ex-husband. Or maybe you are about to get fired from your job.

The dream doesn’t necessarily mean you will lose your child or position to someone else. It could just be your subconscious reflecting your mind process. 

Nevertheless, analyze the scenario deeply, figure out the significance of the other elements and see how they align with your situation in waking life. 

25. A dream of getting lost at an airport

A dream of getting lost at an airport reflects your present real-life circumstances. 

You are aware of a few opportunities that could help you achieve what you like. However, you are presently directionless and unsure of which way to go. 

When you lose your way in an airport, or anywhere else for that matter, what do you do? 

Ask for direction from passers-by, right? Similarly, your subconscious advises you to seek advice and guidance from others who know more about the matter than you.

On a different note, if you dream of getting lost in an airport, it is an indication that one of your close friends or relatives will let you down. 

26. Destroying an airport in a dream

According to the plot, you have been procrastinating regarding your health. Maybe you have not visited your doctor for a quarterly check-up. Or perhaps you have been putting off your plans to resume working out. 

Whatever it is you have kept on hold, the dream suggests you do it asap for your good.

27. Dreaming of working at an airport

If you dream of working at an airport, your timely intervention in a matter would prevent blunders from befalling you and your family. 

On the other hand, working at an airport in a dream means someone will entrust you with a task or responsibility. Surprises would come any time of the day around this phase of life. So, be prepared for anything. 

28. Dreaming of waiting at an airport lounge

The dreamscape signifies changes that will happen soon. 

29. Waiting in line in an airport

If you dream of waiting in line on airport premises, it means you are eagerly waiting for a piece of news.

However, your subconscious warns you not to be too hopeful because there is a high chance the news will work against your favor.

30. Dreaming of other people standing in a queue inside an airport

Some of your close ones will embark on new life journeys – get married, have a child, and so on. The possibilities are endless. 

31. Waiting in airport for someone

You will hear a piece of pleasant news from a person you haven’t met in a long time. If luck favors you, you will also have an encounter with that person. The dream indicates he or she is someone you had liked before. 

If you believe you still feel the same for that person, take the opportunity and let him or her know how you feel. 

If you are married, you will likely fall head over heels in love with another person who has already tied the knot. 

32. Waiting for someone to get off a plane in an airport

The dream indicates you are growing and developing a venture. As life is uncertain, you may face several ups and downs along the way. 

Sometimes, you will even feel like giving up the whole thing. The dream advises you not to abandon your plans whatever happens. Instead, take advantage of those challenges and turn them into opportunities to scale up your mission. 

There is another interpretation to this spectacle. Ask yourself a question here. Were you waiting for a stranger in the dream? In that case, expect to form new relationships soon. 

If it was someone you know well in the dream world and also in your waking life, you will meet up with that person soon.

33. A dream about waiting for the plane at an airport

You are at a turning point in your life. You have finally convinced yourself to leave everything to pursue your life missions. 

On the other hand, waiting for a plane means you look ahead to some changes. Apparently, your day-to-day activities have bored you, and you want an escape.

The dream signifies your subconscious mind looks forward to some happening that will take you out of the monotony. 

34. Dream of waiting for the airplane with other travelers at an airport

If you dream of yourself interacting with fellow travelers as you wait for the plane implies you will soon strike a friendship or even a love relationship. 

35. Dreaming of a plane crash at the airport

If you dream of an airplane crashing while you are on the airport premises, it means you are toying with an idea to make investments or get involved in a risky affair.

At the back of your mind, you know that you would possibly gain nothing by engaging in that shady affair. Despite that, the dream reflects your temptation, testing you. 

If the crash happens with you on board, it would have a different interpretation.

36. Dreaming of accompanying a loved one to the airport

If you dream of the above scenario, it is an indication that you long for some peaceful alone time to put your plans and goals into action. 

37. A dream of escorting someone to the airport

The spectacle of you escorting someone to the airport means you have the potential to help someone get to a better place in his or her life. 

The dream encourages you to do all you can for that person. But only after ensuring the cause. Helping a disadvantaged family have access to free education wouldn’t be the same as helping a young man have access to a bar. 

38. Dreaming of seeing someone off at an airport

Here, the person leaving symbolizes your goals. The spectacle of seeing that person off means you are willingly letting go of your missions.

Do you feel that you don’t have any more courage to pursue a goal?

It would be a good idea to analyze this dream plot further to find out what might have caused the departure. 

Looking at it from another perspective, the dream indicates you have been holding on to a person, place, or thing for too long. And the mere thought of letting that person or thing go makes you insecure. 

39. Dreaming of picking someone up from the airport

Picking someone up from the airport indicates a shift in your daily routine. 

On the other hand, if that person is someone you know in the real world, it means you will meet up soon. If the person in your dream was a stranger, the dreamscape foretells the blossoming of a new relationship. 

40. Dreaming of meeting a friend or someone you know at the airport

The dream foreshadows receiving a piece of good news, letters, and even presents from friends and relatives. 

The dream also reflects your real-life relationship with that person. 

41. Dreaming of running into an ex-lover in the airport

The dream doesn’t mean you would soon encounter an old flame. Instead, you are going to meet someone who will make you feel exactly as your ex-lover did in the past.

It may also mean you conflict with your present partner. You may also receive unpleasant news any time of the day. 

42. Dreaming of seeing strangers at an airport

As per the plot, you have many people around you, yet you can’t help but feel lonely.

For instance, if you spend a lot of time on social media, you probably have thousands of online friends. But when you need a person to lean on, you can’t reach out to them as they are just virtual friends. 

43. A dream of people chasing you at an airport

You are probably trying to make some shifts in your life for the better. But as indicated in the dream, people around are throwing in negative comments and opinions regarding your decision.

Here, you have to remember one thing. Not all people in your circle feel the same about you.

While many of them may have stopped you from making the changes out of ignorance, others would have said out of sheer hatred and jealousy.

On the flip side, the people chasing you may represent your friends, family, and relatives who want the best for you. You know they think well of you, but something stops you from going by their words and advice, as indicated by the chase. 

They may also stand for people who directly or indirectly pressurize you to get better with each passing day.

Perhaps the rapid advancement of your mates makes you feel like you are much behind. That could have pressed you to keep up with their fast pace. 

You know your life and your path better. Therefore, you would be the best judge of your decisions. Figure out what you want in life and make your final call instead of relying on others’ opinions.

44. Dreams of seeing an airplane at the airport

Consider this dream a warning. Some people in your life might start taking advantage of you. It could be your friendliness or empathetic behavior that leads them into believing they could do whatever they want with you. 

Before matters get worse, let people know to maintain their boundaries. 

45. Dream of seeing many airplanes on an airport premises

The dream symbolizes the ideas and plans in your mind that are yet to be implemented. 

46. Dream about waiting for your plane to depart inside an airport

One or a couple of your plans and ideas are about to be successful. 

47. Dreaming of the interior of an airport

If you see the interior of an airport in your dream, it means you will take on a new journey. But according to the plot, you would be able to proceed further only after resolving a problem that has been persisting for quite a long time. 

48. Dreaming of seeing an airport building

The dream foretells a busy schedule where you would need to juggle between different responsibilities of varying nature. Unquestionably, it would be hard, but the circumstances would challenge you to manage your tasks better.

49. Dreaming of seeing nice buildings and infrastructure inside an airport

The dream shows you have excellent perspectives and approaches towards your profession. 

On the flip side, if you see shabby buildings, it symbolizes the failure of your missions. 

50. A dream of planning airport stops

The dream is probably a reflection of you making plans for your venture. 

Airport Dream Meaning: Different Types of Airport

51. Dreaming of an international airport

Either you will take a trip to a foreign land, or you will embark on a professional journey that will take you to success. 

52. Dreaming of a large airport

According to the dream, your plans would turn into reality. However, do note that you need to put in the effort for something to work out successfully.

You might fall several times and get demotivated, you might want to drop out of everything.  

Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, the dream reminds you that nothing happens overnight and things worth acquiring do not come easy. 

Along the way, if you feel you will do a tad better with a bit of help from someone, do not hesitate to reach out.

53. A dream of a small airport

Dreaming of small airports means one or a few of your problems would take time to get resolved. Your problems would remain as they are presently, and you will see little to no improvement in the foreseeable future. 

It also stands for opportunities you have underestimated. In consideration of their scale and sizes, you might have ignored them. Perhaps you think they are below your standard. 

However, the dream says you have committed a grave mistake as those opportunities are probably the bridges to grand ideas and accomplishments. 

A dream of a small airport is possible if you expect something different from your partner. Perhaps you want to go on a solo tour. You might have put off the idea as you fear hurting his or her feelings, which is considerate of you. 

But the dream suggests you let your partner know what you want. 

Try talking about it to your person, and who knows he or she might give in on account of his or her busy work schedule. 

54. Dreaming of a ruined airport

As per the dream, some of your efforts would go futile as a goal is likely to collapse soon.

If you are planning a business trip somewhere far, the dream scenario advises you to wait for a better time as you are likely to face failure if the trip happens around this time. 

55. Getting out of a demolished airport in a dream

Fortunately, you would be able to resolve each of your problems. 

56. A dream of a burning airport

Dreaming of an airport in flames means you have lost a great opportunity to transform your life. 

57. Dreaming of looking at a burning airport

According to the plot, you are in love with someone who is already married or engaged. However hard you try to forget that person, you have failed to. Additionally, the dream indicates you think he or she has the same feelings for you too. 

Airport Dreams: Different Dreamers

58. A young woman dreaming of an airport

If you are a young lady and see an airport in your dream, the dream foretells you would get into a relationship with a good man.

59. Dreams of a young lady rushing to the airport

If you are a young woman and dream of hurrying to the airport, your subconscious advises you to reexamine your life. 

Are you putting a hold on some of your decisions?

At this juncture, it’s crucial to understand your genuine feelings. Are you sincerely happy with your life? As highlighted by your dilemma, there is a possibility that you are not.

Whatever the matters are, the dream advises you not to ignore your emotions and feelings. Don’t be in a hurry to make decisions if your heart’s against it. 

60. An airport in the dreams of a married woman

It stands for rekindling old connections and new opportunities. 

Recurring Dreams About Airport

If you keep having dreams of airports, you probably think you are in the wrong place. 

Perhaps you think you are meant to do great things in life, but your present circumstances and the people around are not letting you explore. 

These feelings of restlessness and anxiety might have caused you to repeatedly dream of airports, which is the only space from which an aircraft takes off for another destination.

How To Stop Having Recurring Dreams Of Airports

To put an end to recurrent airport dreams, you first need to find out where you feel you are ill-fitted. 

Do you think you can do better than work in a tiny cubicle 8 hours a day?

Do you think you deserve a better partner?

Have you ever felt like your present residence is too cramped for you to feel relaxed?

Ask yourself a lot of such questions until you find the answer. After which, see if you can do anything to get yourself out of it. Only then would you be able to say goodbye to the recurrent dream theme. 

Psychological Meaning of Airport Dreams

The airport is a transitional area where you can either leave or stay behind. From the psychological perspective, dreaming of an airport means you are at an important phase of your life. 

Most probably, you are at a crossroads. You want to move ahead, but you still have no idea if that would be a wise decision. And that has led to a conflict between your heart and mind. 

As we always say, you are the best judge of your life and decisions. Proceed with what you think will be best for you. But the dream advises you not to be hasty while concluding a matter. 

If you feel you cannot be more prepared to move ahead, the dream encourages you to do so. On the flip side, if you lack confidence, your subconscious mind says you must be patient and wait for the right moment. 

Spiritual Meaning of Airport in Dream

Spiritually, airport dreams are associated with your higher consciousness. 

Since airports are the only place from which you can board a plane, dreaming of one implies you are on the brink of exploring new things in life, which could be a relationship, a job, a career path, or anything else. 

The dream indicates it is just a matter of time before you take the final step towards the changes. 

Biblical Meaning of Airport in Dream

According to Evangelist Joshua, if you dream of being at the airport, about to fly off to a distant land, it means your manifestation to go somewhere far would soon become a reality if you pray hard and work harder at the same time. 

Or in simpler words, you will be able to achieve your goals and aspirations if you work hard and are sincere in the process. 

Dream of Airport: Dream Examples

1. A woman dreamt of filling out forms in an airport.

In waking life, she was making random plans about what to do and what not to do in Israel when she had no means to travel to the country. 

Why Do You Dream of Airports?

Airports are not a common dream theme. If you are pondering over why you saw one in your dream, here are a few reasons why-

  1. Recently, you were in one. In that case, you do not need to dig deeper into the interpretation as it wouldn’t have much significance. 
  2. You have started something new recently – a job, a relationship, or even a shift in residence. 
  3. You are planning to make some changes in your life.
  4. An airport dream may mean you are utterly unsatisfied with your present way of living.
  5. You are looking forward to hearing some news. 
  6. You are rushing something. 
  7. Dreaming of airports means you are in a dilemma concerning a matter and need guidance to move forward. 
  8. You are afraid of losing something or someone. 

A Few Questions to Ask if You Dream of Airports

Ask these few questions to narrow down your dream interpretation.

  1. What were you doing in the dream? Were you trying to travel somewhere? Did you go there to drop or pick someone up?
  2. Who else was there with you in the dream?
  3. What was your overall emotion in the dream?
  4. How would you describe the overall appearance of the airport premises?
  5. How big or small was the airport? Insignificant as it sounds, the size of the airport is directly proportional to the nature and size of the transition that is about to take place in your life.  

Wrapping Up

As mentioned earlier, a dream of airport has various meanings, most of which are positive and some negative. For a dream interpretation to be spot on, you need to be patient. Refrain from concluding on an interpretation after reading a couple of scenarios. 

Instead, delve deep into the context, the elements, and emotions felt within the dream. 

Analyze them from every single perspective possible and connect the dots, keeping your real-life situation in mind.