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Dreams of Fire


Dream of House On Fire

You are freaked out in your waking life as well & unable to take things as they are coming.

Dream of Forest Fire

It’s a warning that you need to have control over your temper.

Dream of Candle Flames

It’s a good sign for you and your future as it calls for success and happiness.

Dream of Being Burnt by Fire

You are experiencing a lot of strong feelings and you should let these come to the surface.

Dream of Cooking on Fire

It is associated with warmth, care, and the ability to nurture.

Dream of Eating Fire

It represents your suppressed sexual feelings and the power you possess to suppress your anger.

Dream of a Fire Brigade

You are going to talk to a closed one and ask for their opinion or consult them soon.

Dream of a Fire Alarm

It’s a warning that something bad can happen in your life and you need to remain cautious.

Dream of Enjoying Sitting By The Fire

It assures that your life or near future is welcoming blessings and happy moments.

Dreams can tell you a lot about yourself, your current situation, emotions, and sometimes even hints at what’s there in store for you in the near future… just listen carefully!