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What Do Dreams of Hiding Signify?


Dream of hiding from danger

You are scared or threatened by a specific thing or situation.

Dream of hiding under the table

You have devised a plan that can have harmful results.

Dream of hiding and getting caught

You have relationship problems.

Dream of hiding in the closet

You’ll have problems in business or professional life.

Dream of hiding in forest

You want to run away from toxic things in your life.

Dream of hiding underwater

It is a sign of your present behavior and characteristics. 

Dream of hiding something

You need to appreciate something or someone in your life. 

Dream of hiding inside a house

You are capable of protecting yourself from tough situations.

Dream of hiding from bad weather

You are soon about to meet people who will have solutions to your problems.

Dream of hiding behind a wall

You have problems in your romantic relationship.

Dream of hiding under the bed

You fear revealing your true feelings.

Dream of hiding often implies your incapability to handle future adversities. Other than that, it can also be a warning of your deteriorating health due to a hidden secret, unfaithfulness, and sometimes even confusion.