If you woke up to a dream of hiding then it is sure to keep you guessing the entire day! The curiosity to know what exactly were you hiding from keeps you anxious and occupied.

Before we begin, let me first tell you: dreams of hiding are common dreams. Very often, it implies that you will face some adversities in the near future and you are searching for a way to hide from them because you aren’t ready to face it yet.

But that was just one of the most common dream meaning about these dreams. There’s a lot more, depending upon the details of the dream.

So, let’s first find out some…

Did You Wake up to a Dream of Hiding - This is what it means! [43 Types]
Did You Wake up to a Dream of Hiding – This is what it means! [43 Types]

Dream of hiding – 4 Common Interpretations

Dream of hiding often implies your incapability to handle future adversities. Other than that, it can also be a warning of your deteriorating health due to a hidden secret, unfaithfulness, and sometimes even confusion.

There are many dream interpretations associated with this dream. Such dreams occur as a result of stress, anxiety, warning, dilemma, or unfaithfulness. These dreams impact your mental stability and affect your daily routine.

To help you relieve this stress, I have worked on the most common interpretations of these hiding dreams. This will also help you explore the reasons why you have been experiencing these dreams.

1. You are trying to hide a secret

One of the most common reasons why you have been experiencing the dreams can be because of the hidden secrets in your life that nobody knows about. You may be very private about your life and hence you’re not revealing this unknown secret to anybody.

You don’t want people to find out the stage of life where you’re standing. This is because you are unable to trust people around you to whom you can confide in and find some solace.

2. It’s a warning

When you get such dreams, take them as a warning sign. This is because something is bothering your subconscious that is also affecting your health. You need to be cautious. Remain mentally and physically fit.

 This dream is a sign that you understand several things that are happening around you but are hiding it from others. Move out of your comfort zone and speak it out. Let go of the burden and live freely.

3. You are confused

Such dreams are also a result of confusion. When you’re confused, you probably want to keep yourself isolated from everyone to have some time to organize the events in your life. However easy this seems; this is not a permanent solution.

This dream can also reflect your confusion related to your romantic relationship about staying with your partner or calling it off. Talk to your partner and sort the problems before things start impacting you in a larger capacity.

4. You are unfaithful

This type of dream is a sign that you’re cheating in your relationship. It might not necessarily mean being with someone else. But you don’t put in the same efforts as before.

You are running away from your responsibilities towards your partner. This creates dissatisfaction in your partner and they are no more certain about your true feelings for them. Build some courage and face the reality before you lose the person.

Now that you know the overall reasons, it’s time for some detailed digging!

Hiding dream meaning – 43 Types & its Interpretations

Dreams are a common representation of the situations in your life. But whatever it is, you must be able to clearly interpret your dream.

To know the exact dream interpretations, make sure you note down all the peculiar details of the dream. Some of the interpretations based on common dreams of hiding have been listed below.

1. Dream about running away and hiding

To dream of running away and hiding is a sign that you want to re-write your story. Unexpected situations have played with your mind and you have lost mental peace. 

However, you are still aware of the duties you are responsible for and are receiving these results because of your own actions.

2. Dream of hiding from someone

Take this dream symbol as a threat. You always find yourself facing problems from work or your social life which is leading your life to the wrong path. You are losing mental stability.

Such problems can result in many negative impacts like reduced socialization, stress, and feeling distressed about every small thing.

3. Dream of hiding from danger

When you avoid danger in a dream, this means you are scared or threatened by a specific thing or situation in your waking life. 

This can be your feelings, emotions, events, or people that you have lost control over. You need to stay alert at every step that you take from here to avoid such troubles.

4. Dream of hiding under a table

If in your dream, you are hiding under a table, there’s a high chance that you have devised a plan that can have harmful results. The plan is not going to work according to you and can also backfire on you. 

This is an indication that you need to organize your actions as they are responsible for the progress you make in your real life.

5. Dream of hiding and getting caught

If you dream of getting caught when you’re trying to hide, then this is a sign that you have relationship problems. You need to pay attention to your partner and their feelings and desires. This dream is a sign that you are scared of commitments.

6. Dream of hiding in the closet

Hiding in the closet in a dream is a sign that you’ll have problems in business or professional life. The cabinet is the symbol that you should protect yourself. 

Change your perspectives and ideologies before the negative thoughts shape into reality. Don’t try to rush the results without knowing the exact situation.

7. Dream of hiding in the bathroom

In real life, we use bathrooms to clean ourselves. In the dreams too, they hold the same meaning. 

When you find yourself hiding in a bathroom in a dream, it is a sign that you are feeling guilty and sorry about a mistake you made. The bathroom indicates that you want to clear the mess and personal situations.

8. Dream of hiding from war

War represents conflict even in dreams. This means your life is filled with conflicts that you are unable to solve. And hiding from such wars in dreams tells us that you are hiding from troubles. Only you have the power to solve these conflicts so pick up the sword and fight it!

9. Dream of hiding from a wild animal

Most people experience this dream when they have a boring scheduled life. You want to bring changes and something new in your life but are afraid of the disruption it may cause in your life.

You need to understand that every new thing comes with challenges and opportunities. So, when you hide from wild animals, it means this is the correct time to face challenges and welcome positivity in life.

10. Dream of hiding in a tree

To dream of hiding in a tree means you fear failure. With continuous efforts, you have finally managed to reach the top but now you are afraid to fall down. Fight these toxic thoughts from your mind before they turn into reality.

11. Dream of hiding in a building

This dream is a sign that your finances are in trouble. When you dream of hiding in a building, it is an indication that your enemies want to destroy you financially and have an evil eye on your money. Some people around you want to take advantage of your generosity.

12. Dream of hiding from bad guys

If you’re hiding from bad guys like murderers or rapists in the dream, this means you disagree with a situation in your life. 

There’s something at this point in time that has been constantly disturbing you. This can be related to your personal or professional life.

13. Dream of hiding underwater

When you dream of hiding underwater, this is a clear sign of your present behavior and characteristics. You are not interested in entertaining new people or relationships in your life. 

This doesn’t mean that it is a negative dream but you need to spend some time with yourself to figure out what you want in life.

14. Dreams about running and hiding from police

If you dream about running and hiding from the police, then this means that you are just trying to escape your problems. 

The path you are walking on can harm you. It also shows that you aren’t serious or committed to your actions. People around you are going to blame you for your stupid actions.

15. Dream of watching someone hiding

By now, we know the meaning of the dreams where you are hiding yourself. But what does it mean to see someone else hide in a dream? This is a clear indication that you are feeling insecure and you need protection from something. 

You are worried that something might cause harm to you.

16. Dream of hiding something

To dream of hiding something is a sign that you need to appreciate something or someone in your life. They are making efforts to make your life beautiful. 

This dream serves as a reminder that you should organize your life and take proper care of important people and things.

17. Dream of hiding inside a house

This dream is a good sign. It shows that you are hiding from someone or something in a house and that you are capable of protecting yourself from tough situations in life no matter how many hardships come your way. You are courageous and strong to handle your own situations.

18. Dream of discovering something hidden

To discover something hidden in a dream is asking you to discover yourself in reality. This dream is a reminder for you to look within your inner self and explore the hidden potentials. 

In other words, introspect and pay attention to the actions that hurt you, and work to solve those problems.

19. Dream of hiding from bad weather

When you find yourself hiding from bad weather conditions or heavy rain in your dreams, then consider this as a positive sign. 

The dream is indicating that you are soon about to meet some people in your life who will have solutions to your problems and will help you overcome them.

20. Dream of hiding from bad weather in an unknown building

If you dream of hiding from poor weather conditions in an unknown building, unfortunately, this is a bad omen. This signals that you wouldn’t be able to achieve your goals as someone is standing on the path being an obstacle for you. This person has evil feelings for you.

21. Dream of hiding from the rain under an umbrella

Dreams can communicate a lot more than you expect. In the dream, if you see yourself hiding from the rain under an umbrella, it means that you will be able to predict situations. 

With the help of your calculative judgment and careful actions, there is a great possibility that you will be able to overcome the difficulties and barriers on your way.

22. Dream of hiding in a forest

To dream of hiding in a forest means you want to run away from toxic things in your life. This dream means that there’s some incident or person in your life that is bothering you. It is having a negative impact on your life. You want to remove that influence from your life and breathe freely.

23. Dream of hiding in a loft or attic

When you dream of hiding in a loft or attic reflects that you need to take a break from your routine life. Your mind needs to relax to gain back sanity. This dream also shows your desire to push away unwanted people or things from your life.

24. Dream of hiding behind a wall

This dream doesn’t bring great news for you. If you are hiding behind a wall in your dream, it shows that you have problems in your romantic relationship. 

Your subconscious mind is telling you that things aren’t working out well with your partner. There’s also a high chance that you will soon end the relationship.

25. Dream of hiding yourself in a coffin

Coffin might sound dreadful but the dream of hiding in a coffin brings positivity. This is a symbol that you are about to receive some unexpected news in the near future.

For instance, someone is about to get married and this someone can be a person you never expected to get married to at all. There are also chances of sudden promotion in your professional life.

26. Dream of a particular hiding space

In the dream, if you find yourself always hiding in a particular place, then this is a sign that you have the ability to distance yourself from all the things and people you want to avoid.

Another interpretation says that you are refusing to learn things about yourself and are walking on the escape route.

27. Dream of hiding a body or some object

When you dream of hiding a body or some object, your dream is signaling you that you are refusing to accept things as they are. You are trying to hide your emotions. 

These emotions can be for a person or object that you like but you aren’t ready to confront these feelings.

28. Dream of hiding in a storm

If you dream of hiding in a storm, it means you are surrounded by problems. You are overwhelmed and you have no clue how to deal with the situation. 

You also don’t know whom to approach for some good advice. Your emotions are taking a toll on you.

29. Dream of hiding under the bed

When you fear revealing your true feelings, that is when you dream of hiding under the bed. It can be because you met somebody that you are attracted to but you fear it is too soon to fall in love. 

Let go of these fears and discuss your feelings with someone. Facing the fears will only help you get rid of the situations.

30. Dream of hiding from a killer or a murderer

To dream of hiding from a killer or a murderer indicates that you are surrounded by enemies in your real life. They act as obstacles to your growth. Be very careful with whom you share your private information. Maintain distance from people who give you negative vibes.

31. Dream of hiding from people with authority

If you dream of hiding from authoritative people like your parents, police, or teachers, then it means that you feel guilty about a mistake you have committed.

Don’t stress a lot. Just be sincere and determined so you don’t land yourself into such problems in the coming times.

32. Dream of hiding inside your home

When you dream of hiding inside your home, it showcases your capability to deal with adverse situations in your life.

This dream also means that you have the ability to interpret the happening of an unpleasant situation. You then try to remove yourself from a place that is about to harm you physically or emotionally.

33. Dream of hiding from enemies

To hide from enemies in a dream is not a good sign. These enemies can be hidden or known trying to harm or kill you. The dream books suggest you to be careful before taking any action as it might affect your future life.

34. Dream of hiding from a bear

If you dream of hiding from a bear who is following you, then this can have multiple interpretations. For unmarried people, this symbolizes a wedding that is about to take place. Whereas for the professional people, this is a sign that you’re about to face some rivalry in business.

35. Dream of being chased and hiding

To dream of being chased and hiding means that you are preventing a change from taking place. It can be because you are too comfortable and attached to your old habits.

You might be running away from your romantic or professional life because you don’t know how to deal with it.

36. Dream of hiding your flaws

Dream of hiding your flaws can be tiring and draining you emotionally. This dream implies your intention to deceive people.

These people can also include your close friends and family since you are hiding your real self and pretending to be something that you are not. You might not have bad intentions for them but they’ll consider it in a negative way.

37. Dream of an ostrich hiding its head in the sand

Such a dream accounts for your lack of responsibility. When you dream of an ostrich hiding its head in the sand in a beach or zoo, it means you’re hiding from your duties.

You know you are to be blamed for a mistake but you still wouldn’t publicly accept it. This will bring you negative criticism.

38. Dream of hiding out of fear

If you’re hiding out of fear, this means that a recent decision is being heavy on you. You have decided something but you are unsure of the circumstances it will lead to. You feel guilty that you have done some terrible thing.

Panic is not the solution here. You need to accept whatever has happened and whatever comes along the way.

39. Dream of hiding while playing hide-and-seek

Consider this dream as a wake-up call for you. When you find yourself dreaming of hiding while playing hide and seek with family or kids, it means you miss your family life.

You are being neglected due to family conflicts. Maybe the family is too self-involved or you are keeping preoccupied. Spend time with your loved ones and these dreams will go away.

40. Dream of being unable to find someone who is hiding

This dream serves as a reminder as well as a warning sign. When you dream of being unable to find someone who is hiding, it indicates that you are going to observe a rift with that person that can result in ruined relationships.

Fortunately, this can be prevented if you solve your misunderstandings and disputes at the correct time.

41. Dream of hiding something before giving it to someone

If you dream of hiding something like a present or cash before giving it to someone, this reflects that you are trying to hide some information from this person. This can be because you think it can impact your relationship with that person or bring some kind of rift between the two of you.

42. Dream of hiding from fictional characters

To dream of hiding from fictional characters denote that you are escaping reality. It is possible that you are hiding from some hidden aspects of yourself too. 

You might have a dual personality which is not bad but you aren’t ready to accept it because your near ones don’t approve of it.

43. Dream of hiding from a friend

This dream brings a message. If you have suddenly remembered a long-lost friend, it can only mean that the mind has reminded you of their existence. 

If the friend is of the opposite gender and you have some feelings for them, your subconscious is telling you that you should try to know them better.

Biblical Meaning of Hiding Dreams

Hiding can have different symbolic meanings in your dreams. Here’s what the Bible has to say.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret Hiding Dreams correctly

Dreams are different for every person. So, if you ask your friend and try to deduce its meaning depending on their similar dream experience, this will be of little to no help for you.

The interpretation of every dream depends on the peculiar details you saw in the dream. To know if you have interpreted its correct meaning, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Who are you hiding from? Is it a person or animal?
  2. Where are you hiding?
  3. Did you get caught after hiding or were you successful?
  4. Are you hiding because somebody is chasing you?
  5. Are you afraid of something in real life?

Over to you…

Dreams about hiding signify that you’re looking for an escape route to not face the situations in life. But you also want to feel secure and liberated.

There can be definite things in your mind that are creating nuisance in your real life. Take some time off to identify and organize such things so that they don’t overpower you. Take control over your life and remove toxicity at once.

Hiding from situations wouldn’t benefit you in any situation. You’ll keep on running and hiding until you are exhausted. Instead, face the challenges and you are sure to experience the freedom you have been seeking for quite some time now!