Dream of hiding often implies your incapability to handle future adversities or health concerns. Other than that, it can also imply your lost control over some aspect of your life.

Very often, it implies that you will face some adversities in the near future and you are searching for a way to hide from them because you aren’t ready to face it yet.

But before you learn the exact message behind your dreams, find out…

Did You Wake up to a Dream of Hiding - This is what it means! [43 Types]
Dream of Hiding – Want to Keep Secrets or Protect Yourself?

Is your dream of hiding a good or bad symbol?

There are many dream interpretations associated with this dream. Such dreams occur as a result of stress, anxiety, warning, dilemma, or unfaithfulness. These dreams impact your mental stability and affect your daily routine.

So, let’s know the most common interpretations of these hiding dreams. 

  • You don’t want people to find out an old stage of life. 
  • It is a warning sign about your declining health as you’re worried about your secrets being out. 
  • This dream can also reflect your confusion related to your romantic relationship about staying with your partner or calling it off. 
  • This type of dream is a sign that you’re cheating in your relationship or are running away from your responsibilities towards your partner. 

Common Dreams of Hiding & Their Interpretations

Generally, in your hiding dreams, you get chased, run, hide, get caught, and so on. You might hide from danger or hide during a friendly game. So, let’s find out what these common dream situations imply…

Running away and hiding dream meaning

It’s a sign that you want to change your life because of unexpected situations that lead to lost mental peace. 

Dream of Hiding and getting caught

This is a sign that you have relationship problems and you are scared of commitments. You need to pay attention to your partner and their feelings and desires.

Being chased and hiding

The dream means that you are preventing a change from taking place in your romantic or professional life . Probably you are too comfortable and attached to your old habits and don’t know how to deal with the change.

Hiding from danger in a dream

This means you are scared or threatened by a specific thing or situation in your waking life. It might be your feelings, emotions, events, or people that you have lost control over. You need to stay alert at every step that you take from here to avoid such troubles.

Dream of Hiding from war

It means your life is filled with conflicts that you can’t solve. And your dreams tell you that you are hiding from troubles. Only you have the power to solve these conflicts so pick up the sword and fight it!

A particular hiding space

This is a sign that you can distance yourself from all the things and people you want to avoid. Another interpretation says that you refuse to learn things about yourself.

Hiding a body or some object

Your dream is signaling you that you are refusing to accept things as they are. You are trying to hide your emotions for a person or object that you like but you aren’t ready to confront these feelings.

Hiding in a storm

It means you are surrounded by problems. You are overwhelmed and you have no clue how to deal with the situation. You also don’t know whom to approach for some good advice. 

Hiding your flaws

This dream implies your intention to deceive people like your close friends and family. You are hiding your real self and pretending to be something that you are not. You might not have bad intentions for them but they’ll consider it in a negative way.

Hiding out of fear

This means that you have decided something but you are unsure of the circumstances it will lead to. You feel guilty that you have done some terrible thing.

Hiding while playing hide-and-seek in dreams 

This dream is a wake-up call for you as you miss your family. You feel neglected due to family conflicts. Maybe everyone is too self-involved, so spend time with your loved ones and these dreams will go away.

Being unable to find someone who is hiding

This dream serves as a reminder as well as a warning sign. It indicates that you are going to observe a rift with that person that can result in ruined relationships.

Hiding something before giving it to someone

This reflects that you are trying to hide some information from this person. It can be because you think it can impact your relationship with them or bring some kind of rift between the two of you.

Dream of hiding based on where and from whom

Dream of hiding from different people

If you’re dreaming about hiding from 

  • Someone unidentifiable: This dream symbolizes you always face problems everywhere which leads you to lose your mental stability.
  • Wild animal: You want to bring changes and something new in your life but are afraid of the disruption it may cause in your life. You must embrace challenges and opportunities. 
  • Bad guys: This means you disagree with a disturbing situation in your personal or professional life. 
  • Police: You are just trying to escape your problems. It also shows that you aren’t serious or committed to your actions which will lead to poor decisions.
  • Killer or a murderer: It indicates that you are surrounded by enemies in your real life, so be careful with whom you share sensitive information. 
  • People with authority: It means that you feel guilty about a mistake you have committed.
  • Friend: You have suddenly remembered a long-lost friend. It’s time to reconnect with them.
  • Enemies: It shows you must be careful before taking any action as it might affect your future life.
  • Bear: For unmarried people, this symbolizes a wedding. For business persons, this is a sign that you’ll face some rivalry in business.
  • Fictional characters: It denotes that you are escaping reality. Or, you are hiding from some hidden aspects of yourself too like a dual personality.

Hiding with Various Places

Try to remember where you hid in the dreams as that also holds grave significance. If you were hiding…

  • Under a table: This dream says that your plan most probably has harmful results and may also backfire on you. 
  • In the closet: It’s a sign that you’ll have problems in business or professional life. You must change your perspectives and ideologies. 
  • In the bathroom: It is a sign that you are feeling guilty and sorry about your mistakes. 
  • In a tree: This shows you have finally managed to reach the top with continuous efforts. But now you are afraid to fall down. 
  • In a building: This dream is a sign that your finances are in trouble. Some people around you want to take advantage of your generosity.
  • Underwater: This signifies you are not interested in entertaining new people or relationships. So, you must spend some time with yourself to figure out what you want in life.
  • Inside a house: This dream shows that you can protect yourself from tough situations in life no matter how many hardships come your way. 
  • In a forest: It denotes you want to run away from toxic things in your life as it has a negative impact on your life. 
  • In a loft or attic: It reflects that you need to take a break and relax from your routine life and gain back sanity. Or, you desire to push away unwanted people or things from your life.
  • Behind a wall: It shows that you have problems in your romantic relationship which might lead to a breakup. 
  • In a coffin: This is a symbol that you are about to receive some unexpected news in the near future.
  • Under the bed: You met somebody that you are attracted to but you fear it is too soon to fall in love. 
  • Inside your home: It showcases you can deal with adverse situations in your life. Or, you can sense poor situations and avoid them skillfully.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreams about hiding signify different kinds of messages. Sometimes, it’s reassurance about your immense power. But often it also highlights the poor situations that need urgent attention. 

Whatever your individual message is, don’t let it overwhelm you. Stay calm and work towards a happy future!