What Do Dreams of Swords Signify?

Dream about Samurai Sword

It is a sign of stability and security.

Dream of Buying a Sword

You are ready to confront your inner demons. 

Dream of holding a Sword

It signifies strength and authority.

Dream of fighting with a Sword

You are a brave individual who knows how to defend yourself.

Dream of rusty Sword

You don’t have the courage to do anything.

Dream of Attacking Someone with a Sword

It is possible that you have wronged someone.

Woman dreaming about an Old or Rusty Sword

She’ll try to mend her shattered heart with the incorrect guy. 

Dream of sharpening the Sword

It represents professional and personal prosperity.

Dream of swinging the Sword

You are a coward.

Dream of golden Sword

You are suspicious of several people.

Dream of sword is symbolic of a lack of support, perseverance, and decision-making. It also defies deception. It is indicative of conflict with your partner. This dream also represents enemies and hatred.