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Dream Of Sword – 64 Ways to Interpret It

Dream Of Sword – 64 Ways to Interpret It

Updated on Jan 18, 2023 | Published on Jul 04, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dream of Sword - 64 Plots and Their Interpretations

Dream of a sword is not common but it is one of the oldest symbols in history. A sword is a weapon that has the technology and the durable material to cut things. 

Nowadays, swords are typically used for sports or collecting purposes. This weapon is a sign of strength and requires someone mentally prepared to use it. Dream of swords means you can estimate good things in your life. 

Dream of Sword - 64 Plots and Their Interpretations
Dream of Sword – 64 Plots and Their Interpretations

Swords Dream Meaning – General Interpretation

Dream of sword is symbolic of a lack of support, perseverance, and decision-making. It also defies deception. It is indicative of conflict with your partner. This dream also represents enemies and hatred. 

1. Lack of Support

You are someone who has had to fight for whatever you have on your own. You don’t have a lot of support from your family, so you’re used to not relying on anyone or expecting much. 

You’d want to take a break now and then, but you’re already thinking about the next move you need to do. 

2. Defy Deception

Swords pierce through deception in our dreams, getting to the center of any circumstance, including ones in which we deceive ourselves.

3. Relational Conflict

Dreams about swords might occur in persons who are experiencing tension in their relationships. It represents the end of a relationship.

4. Perseverance 

A sword in a dream symbolizes strength, empowerment, or willpower. It represents the ability to persevere in the face of adversity or to maintain a competitive edge. The tenacity of your morals.

5. Decision-making 

A sword in your dream signifies a decision you must make, even if now is not the best moment to make one.

You have the ability to change things; after all, it is entirely up to you. The sword dream indicates that you must assess and see things in a new light. 

It is a weapon that can be used for both good and evil.

6. Enemies

If you have a lot of adversaries in your waking world, swords will almost certainly appear in your dreams.

7. Hatred

You’re also likely to have sword nightmares if you have a particular individual you despise and want to see dead.

Dream of Sword – 64 Plots and Their Interpretations

Dream of sword has many contexts in which the interpretation is embedded. We will explore all of the possible scenarios below:

1. Dream about Breaking a Sword 

Breaking a sword in a dream indicates that you will give up on something. You’ll most likely discover the hard way that certain battles are already lost and that it’s pointless to feel awful about it. 

Whether it’s a business, with friends, or with a relationship, you’ll understand that you can’t keep someone by your side against their will or force them to do something they don’t want to do.

A broken sword in your dream indicates that you will be in a lot of trouble in the coming days. You must be patient and avoid making hasty decisions. 

If the sword is significantly damaged, it indicates that you are quite unsure about how to resolve the conflict. You are constantly seeking assistance from people. The sword is a symbol of power and aggression. 

If you dream about a broken sword, it means you’ve lost the ability to battle or attain your goals.

2. Dream of Losing a Sword

When you have a dream about losing a sword, it represents shame. There’s a chance you won’t keep your word, which will make you embarrassed and cause you to avoid the person you offended. 

You’ll develop a defense mechanism that portrays you as someone who has no regrets but instead blames others for their actions.

3. Dream about Samurai Sword

Dreaming about samurai swords is a sign of stability and security. You are experiencing some changes in your life as a result of your own actions.

You are tiring yourself out. This dream is a message for your potential and untapped energies. 

The samurai sword is symbolic of your communication with others. You need to let go of your pride. You are going through some major emotional turmoil. This dream states your connection to others and your network of friendships. 

4. Dream of Finding a Sword

A sword appearing in a dream represents a pleasant surprise.

You probably have no idea that your traits have piqued the interest of some powerful people, who may decide to make you a business proposition. You might soon receive a lucrative business opportunity.

5. Dream of Buying a Sword

Buying a sword in a dream denotes your readiness to confront your inner demons. It’s possible that you’ve only recently discovered the source of your dissatisfaction and failures that follow you wherever you go. 

That is the first step toward resolving all of your issues: admitting that you have made a mistake and working to correct it.

6. Dream of Holding a Sword

In life, the sword has a lot of symbolism. This dream signifies strength and authority if you hold a sword. Dreaming of wielding a sword denotes your readiness to defend something or someone. 

The image of a sword indicates your bravery in defending the people you care about, particularly your family.

You have a noble character and a desire to do the right thing. You despise seeing people suffer from injustice and are constantly on the lookout for the best solution.

This dream also represents a high level of strata, implying new job chances. It’s an indication that you’ll be in a high-ranking position.

However, do not expect to attain this without putting up effort; you must work hard to succeed. 

When you dream about holding a sword, you must believe that you can attain success on your own terms. This dream represents the necessity to work according to your expertise and experience in order to achieve results.

7. Dream of Fighting with a Sword

This dream indicates that you are a brave individual who knows how to defend yourself and your family. This dream is about the protection you have for someone who has done something heroic.

If you have a dream about fighting with a sword, it means you will face challenges until you achieve your goals. You must not surrender and must continue to battle for triumph. This dream suggests bargaining if you observe other people fighting with swords.

When you see someone fighting with a sword in your dream, it means you have a quarrel or issue that needs to be resolved right away.

If you don’t finish it as quickly as possible, you’ll be in trouble for the rest of your life. This dream is a warning to take action as soon as possible.

8. Dreaming about a Rusty Sword

If you have a dream about an old or rusted sword, it means you don’t have the courage to do anything. Over time, this negative attitude becomes toxic. You are unlikely to be interested in seeing a rusted sword. 

In a dream, a rusted sword represents pain. That is a clear indication that you are in pain. 

Although disturbing, this dream can serve as a warning to learn to avoid negative ideas because the more you think about it, the worse it will affect you.

If a sword is covered in rust and nicks, the dreamer is likely to be suffering from a reproductive system sickness that he is unaware of. 

9. Dream of Licking a Sword

In a dream, licking a sword denotes that your greatest source of motivation is your adversaries. You are someone who is motivated by vengeance. 

You are continuously striving to achieve your goals, not only for yourself but also to prove to anyone who doubted you that they were mistaken. 

When a circumstance requires it, you have no qualms about defending yourself verbally. You are a calm person by nature, but when provoked, you may become harsh and arrogant.

10. Dream of being Stabbed by a Sword

This dream might be a reflection of a more fundamental component of your nature, such as a secret yearning that you may be afraid to act upon. 

The fact that you take an experience of being stabbed and turn it into something exotic means that the things you want to do could be viewed negatively by others but this is exactly why you want to do them too.

You might be the kind of person who thrives on doing what is outside the law but has not yet had the guts to try it.

11. Dream of Attacking Someone with a Sword

In a dream, if you are attacking an unarmed person with a sword, it is possible that you have wronged someone. You made a mistake in judging that individual and now see that they have a lot of excellent qualities.

It is related to complicated feelings, especially loneliness. Fake people will do things that will upset you and this dream warns that such people can cause problems. However, this will pass and you will try to overcome this moment.  

When you attack someone with a sword, this dream represents the need of knowing who your adversary is. You must defend yourself if you are aware of it.

12. Dream of Brandishing the Sword

This dream involves a sign that you possess the ability to protect yourself against the attacks of those who seek to destroy you. 

You possess the tools, skills, and ability. If you have a particular competitor or enemy in your waking life, you would be able to meet their challenge and beat them through their own power.

In contrast, such a dream is also seen when you are successful in a match between you and your enemy.  

13. Dream of Selling a Sword

In a dream, selling a sword indicates that something will depress you or put your self-confidence in jeopardy. Your connection with a spouse is most likely not ideal, which is badly influencing your mental health. 

On the other hand, you may face setbacks as a result of criticism from your supervisor or someone whose opinion you value.

14. Dream of Receiving a Sword as a Gift

If you have a dream about someone giving you a sword, it signifies you lack the confidence to confront your most pressing issue.

That might have something to do with your romantic life because you’re not sure if the relationship or marriage you’re in has a future. 

The key to solving your situation is to have an open and honest dialogue with a loved one. You will not be able to break the vicious cycle as long as you are terrified of having it.

15. Dream of Bestowing a Sword to Someone

Giving someone a sword in a dream indicates that you want to help them, but you’ve picked the wrong path to go.

Although it is clear that your intentions are genuine, your counsel is perplexing to people to whom it is addressed. 

You should be more detailed or express yourself in a more understandable manner about what you believe is best for that person.

16. Dream of Bestowing a Sword to Someone You Don’t Know 

If you want to give a sword to someone you don’t know, you should be prepared for a complete stranger to seeking your counsel.

They’ll merely require a second opinion on a problem, and you’ll be available at the time. You will be very perplexed, yet your suggestions will be useful to them.

17. Dream about Stealing a Sword 

Dreaming of stealing a sword indicates that you are being used as a scapegoat in your life.

With other people, you are too passive and gentle, which often causes you more harm than good. Stop blaming yourself for everything and start standing up for the people you care about.

18. Dream of Someone Stealing a Sword from you

When you have a dream about someone snatching your sword, it implies you are feeling vulnerable.

There’s a chance you don’t have anyone’s support when it comes to your decisions or activities, or you’ve lately lost someone who was your biggest supporter in life. 

You have no choice but to believe in yourself at this point. At the very least, you will learn to be self-sufficient and accountable for your actions.

19. Dream of Putting the Sword in the Holster

Keeping a sword in a holster represents your tranquil and caring attitude. You try everything you can to avoid getting into a fight. While your tolerance levels are relatively high, you strive to fix any difficulties via dialogues. 

Those that make it a point to throw you off the tracks, on the other hand, will be met with an avalanche of insults that you will only employ to protect yourself.

20. Dream of Taking the Sword out of the Holster

Taking a sword from its holster in a dream suggests you’ll have to fight for what you really want. This time there will be no retreating since success is just around the corner.

You shouldn’t, however, stand on the sidelines and wait for someone else to notice or reward your efforts. 

You must push yourself forward and prove to everyone how valuable you are. People are more trusting of those who exude confidence, thus a modest amount of arrogance is desirable.

21. Dream about Sharpening a Sword

In a dream, sharpening a sword represents professional and personal prosperity. Positive improvements are on the way, and your hard work, perseverance, and patience will be rewarded. 

You’ll see that you were correct the first time and that your perseverance paid off this time.

22. Dream of other People Sharpening a Sword

Seeing someone else sharpen their sword is a sign that you have a rival at your workplace or are in love. In any case, there is someone out there that wants something that is yours. 

If you can figure out who that person is, you shouldn’t have any trouble stopping them from carrying out their plan.

23. Dream of Swinging a Sword

Dreaming of swinging a sword indicates that you are a coward. When you’re with the people you care about, you say a lot of things, but when you’re out in public, you’re nearly invisible. 

The worry of people in your environment not accepting you, as well as your conspicuous feature of conformity, are the reasons behind this.

24. Dream of Other People Swinging the Sword

If you see someone else in your dream swinging a sword, it signifies you’ll have to deal with people who are indecisive. You’ll work with someone who doesn’t know what they want, whether professionally or personally. 

For a while, you’ll try to assist them in being cool and collected, as well as simplifying the project you’re working on together.

However, once you understand that your battle was futile, you will decide to give up on that individual.

25. Dream of Someone Attacking You with a Sword

This dream foreshadows the possibility that you will soon discover some of your hidden abilities. One situation will cause you to think beyond the box, and you will discover that you have the aptitude for something that previously eluded you.

26. Dreaming of Someone Attacking you with a Sword When you are Unarmed 

If you are unarmed and someone strikes you in your dream with a sword, it is a sign that you will find previously untapped abilities.

27. Dream of Throwing Away the Sword

Throwing a sword away, as you might expect, represents surrender in a dream. You’ll probably be weary of your emotional partner’s games after a while and concede defeat. 

On the other hand, it’s possible that you’ll realize that a concept you’re working on now doesn’t have a promising future, and you’ll abandon it.

28. Dream of Throwing a Sword in Front of You

Unfortunately, this dream has a negative connotation. It frequently represents a betrayal by persons close to you. There’s a danger that someone will manage to sabotage your friendship or relationship with a partner. 

You will believe that person’s falsehoods and lose someone you care about for the rest of your life.

29. Dream about a Sword in a Holster on the Wall

If you have a dream about a sword in a holster on the wall, it signifies you will solve a problem that has been worrying you with patience alone.

It’s best not to do anything about it right now because any action you take will simply make things worse. 

Allow time to run its course, and more importantly, don’t make snap decisions.

30. Dream of Sword Falling off the Wall

If you have a dream about a sword falling off the wall, it signifies you should not plan too far ahead of time because you will lose touch with what is going on right now. 

It’s important to take things slowly and solve each challenge one at a time. You won’t be able to forecast or stop everything, so accept it.

31. Man Dreaming about an Old or Rusty Sword

When a man has a dream about an old or rusted sword, it represents potency issues. 

32. Woman dreaming about an Old or Rusty Sword

If a woman has such a dream, there’s a chance she’ll try to mend her shattered heart with the incorrect guy.

33. Dream of Seeing a Sword 

If you see a sword in fine shape, it means you will be in a long-term relationship soon.

However, it would be beneficial if you avoided becoming disappointed. It demonstrates the need of being thorough and patient in order to make the best decision possible. 

Keep in mind that you must think till you get trust. 

34. Dream of being Wounded by a Sword

Dreaming of being harmed by a sword indicates a wish to be free of enemy pressure. This dream suggests that you are up against an insurmountable foe.

You must exercise caution and persevere in your efforts to build strength and escape danger.

35. Dream of getting Stabbed in the Shin

So getting stabbed in the shin could signify being knocked off balance by realizing this suppressed or untapped need. Due to your difficulty in accepting this realization, you can even experience an identity crisis.

36. Dream of Killing someone with a Sword 

Someone has hurt you and this is a frightening dream to have all together. It represents the bad feelings you have towards the person who was killed in your dreams.

Dream of Killing someone with a Sword represents your feelings when you kill someone with a sword. Because you are unsure of your genuine sentiments, you will upset someone who is very important to you.  

37. Dream of Sword and a Knife

When you see swords and knives, you are a person who will lose control and cause harm to innocent people. It would be beneficial if you did not allow these feelings to strike you since you will become violent. 

Because you can offend others without realizing it, it would be beneficial if you learned to manage yourself.

38. Dream of Golden Sword

Here, the dream interpretation is that you are suspicious of several people when you are dreaming of a golden sword and you need to identify your said enemy. It’s time to face reality and admit that walking beside folks like that isn’t pleasant for you. 

Finally, people want to benefit from what you have to offer.

39. Dream about a Silver Sword

The dream interpretation of a silver sword stands for the sweet rewards life has to offer. Here you are protected by a higher spiritual power. It is a sign that you are making the right choice or decision in your life. 

This dream is a figure of speech for an escape from the unhappiness or demands of your life. You are experiencing a lot of resistance towards your goals. 

40. Dream of Sword and Blood

Dreams involving swords and blood reveal what is yours. It’s both a sign of victory and a sign of defeat. You don’t have to rely on others to be the best, and you don’t have to beg for aid from those who aren’t willing to help you. 

It’s time to raise your head and strive your hardest to acquire all you want.

41. Dream about Buried Sword 

If you have a dream about a sword buried in the ground, it means you need to get rid of a lot of unpleasant things. It’s the start of a new cycle, and it even takes people out of the past. 

It’s not about breaking up with pals; instead, it’s about spending more time with people who can help you achieve your goals.

42. Dream of an Antique Sword

Antique swords have a wise connotation in dreams. It will be determined by your dreams’ feelings or behaviors. If you admire the sword and know how to use it effectively, it means you have a lot of wisdom.

 On the contrary, it indicates that you require sound advice from a smart person.

43. Dream of a Wooden Sword

Dreaming of a wooden sword indicates immaturity, yet you are on the correct course. It’s a warning that you’ll require physical and mental preparation in the coming days, especially if you have important decisions to make. 

You must be a reasonable individual who always thinks before acting.

44. Dream of a Black Sword 

If you have a dream about a black sword, it means you need to commit more time to your goals, or you will lose the progress you have made.

It serves as a warning that even though you possess all of the necessary qualities for success, you may lack dedication at times.

45. Dream of Swallowing a Sword

You have a sword in your mouth in your dream, warning you of the danger that surrounds you. People you think you can trust might be your worst enemies.

If you have a dream about a sword in your mouth, you should avoid all confrontational situations in the coming days.

46. Dream of a Flying Sword

Dreams about flying swords indicate changes in your life, particularly those involving mental stability.

This dream depicts all of the steps you must take to change your course, or you will repeat past mistakes. It would be beneficial if you avoided situations involving other people

47. Dream of a Sword with a Blunt Edge

If you find yourself being attacked with a sword, it’s time to accept the fact that you’re surrounded by opponents.

Ensure that you have a clear path to resolution with those opponents, or they will continue to damage you in the future. 

If the sword edge is blunt, you will be able to discover a solution. 

48. Dream of a Sword with a Sharp Edge 

However, if the edge is sharp, problems will be settled much more quickly. 

49. Female Dreaming of a Sword

If you are a female dreaming of a sword, it means you fear something coming into your life. You need to evaluate what it is. 

50. Man Dreaming of a Sword

If you’re a man, this is an obvious sign of hostility. In some manner, you must learn to regulate your temper.

51. Dream of Self-mutilating Using a Sword

Consider your actions and/or addictions and how you might overcome them if you are self-mutilating yourself with a sword in a dream.

If it’s time for meditation, listen to your unconscious and change or stop your negative thoughts or actions against others.

52. Dream about Getting a Sword or Having a Sword

When you obtain or have a sword in your dream, it represents your social status and your capacity to solve any challenges that arise. You have the ability to solve problems in a variety of ways. 

As a result, you must have faith in your abilities and not allow your adversary to deceive you.

53. Dream of Using a Sword

This dream represents your desire to win a war when you use a sword. You will assassinate your adversary or annihilate anybody who stands in your way.

This dream also indicates that you are a driven individual. 

54. Dream of Seeing Another Person Using a Sword

If you see another person using a sword in your dream, it means you will face difficulties. Some people will oppose you and try to make your life as difficult as possible.

55. Dream of Someone Threatening you With a Sword

This dream symbolizes that you need to learn to love others more when someone threatens you with a sword.

This dream is also about your relationship with your partner; you need to give someone you care about more attention.

56. Dream about Losing a Sword

This dream represents shame when you lose a sword. You’ll build a defense system by forcing others to make errors in order to defend you. You’ll feel humiliated for concealing your cheating.

57. Dreaming of an Evil or Bad Person with a Sword 

A sword signifies the strength of a negative component of your personality, an opponent, or a bad scenario if you see evil or bad person with a sword in your dream.

Face-to-face confrontation with a negative habit that you believe is greater than your willpower.

58. Dreaming of Someone Throwing a Sword Between you and your Friend

If you see someone wielding a sword between you and your pals in a dream, it means that there are circumstances in reality that could split even true friends.

59. Dream of the Sword Looking Great

If you dream that the sword looked great, it is a sign that sexual male energy is at its peak. 

60. Dream of a Heavy Sword

You are intentionally holding yourself back in reality by not being as assertive or combative as you should be, according to a sword that feels especially heavy or difficult to wield in your dreams. 

You can see this vision as a warning to speak up for yourself more often because your tendency to be shy and humble is actively stopping you from realizing your dreams.

61. Dream of Walking around with a Sword in your Hand 

Carrying a sword in your hand while walking around in your dream is frequently regarded as a good and encouraging image. 

It foretells receiving a monetary or valuable prize, advantage, or incentive soon, such as money or a certificate of some type. You will be satisfied and feel proud of the reality when this occurs shortly. 

62. Dream of Three Swords 

When three swords appear simultaneously or quickly one after the other during a dream, this is a sign that your workplace will be successful and happy. 

You might soon get a job promotion or receive some other benefit that would increase your confidence and win you the respect of your coworkers.

63. Dream of a Sword Falling into a Body of Water

In the world of dreams, a sword falling into a pool or other body of water is frequently taken as a bad omen. 

It is a vision that foretells great catastrophe and misfortune for your companion in life or lover. He or she might soon have a challenging series of circumstances, get very sick, or possibly pass away.

64. Dream of Slashing the Sword to Kill Someone 

The manifestation of some deep, dark components of your personality is swinging a sword furiously with the purpose to try to kill someone in a dream. 

Normally, these areas are kept private and hardly ever come to light, but in the near future, something presumably beyond your control could force this darkness to abruptly arise. 

Your words and actions coming from this area inside of you are probably fully uncontrolled since you may be experiencing an emotional reaction.

This could frighten individuals close to you and complicate your interpersonal interactions.


Dreaming about swords is symbolic of a lack of support, it defies deception, perseverance, and decision-making. It also means you have a lot of enemies. Such a dream also means there is someone in specific you despise. 

It also means you will have relational conflict or conflict with your partner. 

The dream interpretation of swords is embedded in multiple contexts. To ensure you have accurate interpretation, you can maintain a dream journal where you document your dream as soon as you wake up.