What Do Eggs in Dream Signify?

Dream of Tapping on an egg with a spoon

An unsettled aspect of your life needs to be changed.

Breaking eggs in dream 

You conceal parts of your personality from others so that you can move forward in life.

Dream about large eggs

It is a sign of abundance, wealth, richness, and happiness.

Dream about small eggs

A small, manageable obstacle may halt your plans.

Dream about throwing eggs

You disrespect others in your waking life.

Dream about eggs in a nest 

You are in a safe environment.

Dream of easter eggs

It may signal your insecurities and impending danger in the waking world.

Dream about broken eggs 

It is a symbolism of failure, expectations, unfulfilled dreams.

Dream about eating raw eggs

You are going to experience something unpleasant.

Eggs in dreams are the symbol of prosperity, wealth, fragility and vulnerability, hidden qualities, new opportunities, and the beginning of something new.